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Scottish Commercial Register Scam

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

I don’t write many blogs personally now, but when you receive rubbish like this in the post and loads of businesses i know are receiving them i feel i have to write a post about it.

This is a complete scam and businesses should watch out, you will end up being hounded off them for a fee which you aren’t liable for.

I hope anyone searching for info on this comes across my post and hopefully if i can save one person falling for this then it’s all worthwhile.

Adeo Group Becomes a Member of ScotlandIS

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

graphic designAdeo Group is excited to announce its membership with Scottish digital technology leader ScotlandIS. The ScotlandIS is representing digital agency businesses and firms in the information technology, telecommunications, and related sectors.

The members of the ScotlandIS are recognised worldwide as they offer world class technology and high quality services. ScotlandIS support is invaluable for businesses and public sector undertakings.

What is ScotlandIS and what are the advantages of the membership?

The membership brings many benefits, such as widening the Adeo Group’s network within the industry. It will also help Adeo Group connect with more customers, thus helping them benefit from our services.

One of the major goals of the ScotlandIs is to offer easier sharing of information among members, and reach out to other businesses and organisations within or outside the digital industry. The ScotlandIS membership will help our team to remain updated with the key industry trends and practices. The direct beneficiaries of this knowledge would remain clients, who have shown confidence in our services, and helped us grow.

What are the key benefits to our clients?

The ScotlandIS is geared towards helping develop skills and identify talent in the digital industry. We believe that our association with the organisation will help us improve our skills to even greater levels, so that we can keep improving upon our services.

Since our clients’ businesses depends on the quality of web development and support service we offer, we aim to use our membership with the ScotlandIS to take our expertise to the next level. Clients whose business depends on a smooth user interface, cutting edge website design, and high functionality, can rely on us to help them reach greater heights in their business endeavours.

Contact Adeo Group web design and development team today and see how we can improve your business presence online.

Why Mobile Responsive Design is in Demand?

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

320 x 214When Google made the announcement that it was making new changes to its search engine algorithm, the impetus behind the decision was to boost mobile search capability rankings. Search engine retention aside, businesses are following suit. Mobile first strategies in Web responsive design are at the forefront of every Web developer and designers’ project management strategy.

Why Mobile Responsive Design is so popular at the moment?

Mobile responsive design as a priority when building a website places emphasis on the values and usability of mobile over traditional website capabilities. What comes out of it is an optimal viewing engagement across devices. With mobile first web strategies, cross-portability is enhanced, so that content and site navigation are automatically deployed.

User functionality is the key objective in any mobile first Web design. UX designers acknowledge that user discomfort with low functionality in mobile is what has driven the innovation of mobile first strategies. Site navigation is an area where websites were streamlined to accommodate mobile interface. Hence, most mobile ready websites do not contain drop downs and other encumbering features. It would be just be too much to ask of users to wait for sites to respond.

Concise content is the mark of a mobile first site. Users do not have to negotiate dense text, increasing the probability that there will be return visitors, and higher conversion rates at point-o-sale. The fact that desktop user interface is larger in scale, means that the focus must be fine tuning administration processes as well. Mobile first design solves some of the main problems in the development and maintenance of sites.

What is Google’s Response to Mobile?

Beginning 21 April 2015, Google will be introducing mobile features to standard searches. There will also be a mobile apps ranking in the search giant’s App Index available to signed-in users. Websites ranked “mobile friendly” will find their assets performing higher in search rankings, so that users have access to the best quality sites for their mobile devices. A mobile friendly website will have access to the Mobile Usability Reporting and testing tools to enhance competitiveness.

How can Adeo Group help you?

If your website is not mobile responsive yet our team can help you to make it mobile friendly. We have been designing websites for over a decade and have a lot of experience in building RWD websites. We can offer you a variety of options depending on the size and requirements of your business. Contact our web design and development specialists in Glasgow, London and Newcastle.

How to Improve your Landing Pages for your PPC Campaigns?

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

WebsiteTake potential customers on a journey through your website with multi-step landing pages.

If your business relies on online sales, then you know that improving PPC conversion rates is vital. You might think you’ve already done everything right. Negative keywords have gone, you’ve a great heading and your button colours are right, but you’re still not getting enough leads and sales. How can you lift it all to the next level? Consider multi-step landing pages. Entice your leads on a trip from page to page until they convert. As you refine the process, the more people who land on your first page will make it to the last page and be ready to take that final step.

Why do multi-step landing pages give a better conversion rate than single step landing pages?

Every day your customers get savvier about Internet use, developing an instinct for what they trust. If you’re following the same strategies you used three years ago, you’re going to be left behind. An initial landing page that involves too much work and too many fields, or asks for sensitive information, will scare your leads away. They’re looking at websites for probably dozens of companies and don’t want to share their phone number until they’re ready to commit. Nobody likes the thought of being inundated with dozens of calls and having to say no. When they’re ready to receive a call from you, you can almost guarantee a conversion.

With our fast paced world, it’s a sad fact of life that people’s attention span has declined. Pages that demand more than a few seconds attention are seen as boring. Three or four landing pages asking for eight fields of information will generate more response than one landing page with three fields. It is win-win for you, you are getting more information on potential clients and moving them nearer to that all important conversion.

How to create effective multi-step landing pages?

People looking for quotes will already have an idea of a price and what they want. Immediately giving you their name and phone number is immaterial to the final outcome, but they do know that they have to give certain relevant information for a valid quote. Start by asking for that prequalifying information, such as the make of car they’re looking for and which accessories and options they want. Providing information like this involves some commitment to you and your product and lets you provide a sensible quote.

Sometimes a little incentive is all that’s needed to get people started. Ask for their postcode and enter them in a lottery. It helps you refine your information and they think they might gain a prize or a better deal. Interesting and specific questions will help you target your demographic and give a better idea of what the potential customer wants. This sort of multi-step landing page can lead to a huge increase in conversion rates and a reduced cost per conversion.

This approach might be right for your product or it might not. But without trying different variations on it, you will never know what works best for your products and services. Think about your product, think about your customer and have fun creating your multi-step landing pages.

If you would like to find out more about lading pages or website development contact us today!

Mobile Shopping has Surpassed Desktop!

Monday, January 19th, 2015

MobileShopping online for goods and products continues to grow at a staggering rate. The latest figures shows that more of ecommerce is now taking place via mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones, rather than computers for the first time. A third of online sales in the UK now takes place from a smartphone or tablet; with a huge 40% of clothing purchases being made from a mobile device. These figures show an impressive growth of 2,000% in just four short years.

Why shopping from a mobile device has become so popular?

Shopping from mobile devices has grown in popularity alongside the growth of more sophisticated technology. This has allowed customers to move away from their desks and shop with more freedom. Retailers, such as John Lewis, are reporting that over 50% of visits to their online store are now made from mobile devices. As smartphones and tablets have developed with clear screens and easy navigation they have become quick and easy to browse and use. Customers are enjoying shopping online whilst doing other activities such as watching TV or dining, things that were harder to do when tied to a desktop computer.

What is the role of responsive web design in ecommerce?

Customers want to be able to shop with the same ease across all of their mobile channels, so ecommerce can only grow and succeed on highly functional platforms that allow this.

Online retailers need to focus on developing mobile strategies and take advantage of fast moving technological developments. Responsive web designs allow online sites to be easily read and navigated across a full range of devices, with content layout being intuitively adapted to the viewing environment.

Online retailers need to think further than creating their website just for the PC, but have to enhance it for all devices. Using a responsive website that functions across all channels will ensure easy access for their customers, better SEO and success for their business.

If you are looking for a web design and development agency in Glasgow, London or Newcastle contact us today and see how we can help you.

Russian Malware Attacks WordPress Sites

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Internet VirusIn a frightening turn of events for WordPress users and the blogging and app developer community in general, a Russian virus called SoakSoak may have infected as many as 100,000 WordPress sites. The domain is its source, which is how the malware gets its name. It was first spotted by security firm Sucuri and the gaming site Dulfy was one of the first affected.

Dulfy managed to remove the code and went behind a firewall which took care of the matter in a timely manner. But many other admins who are not so vigilant may not have it so easy. Even sites that removed the malware code were re-infected. Dulfy admins also aren’t sure if the firewall is a permanent fix, since it’s not known yet what exactly is causing the infection or what the purpose is.

What does SoakSoak do?

SoakSoak modifies a file in the WordPress installation of the affected site, and uploads a JavaScript malware onto it. According to Sucuri, the virus is using a vulnerability in a slideshow plug-in for WordPress called Slider Revolution. The developers have fixed this with some updates, but the old version of RevPlug has been packaged into many themes that are still in use.

Since the infection began spreading, Google has done its bit to blacklist 11,000 sites to check the spread. But the big problem according to Sucuri is that many site owners don’t even know that they have the plug-in bundled in their website.

What can you do?

At the moment, if you think you’ve been infected you will need to remove the infected code and also update the premium version of the plug-in. If the plug-in is there on your site as a part of a theme, it won’t update automatically, which is when site admins have to get hands-on with updating.

Why did this happen?

As Sucuri explained on their website right after SoakSoak made its appearance, the vulnerability in the RevSlider plugin was spotted by them months ago in September but “patched silently” by developers. Developers failed to openly warn users of the problem, thus the fiasco.

The biggest lesson to be learned from SoakSoak’s invasion is for the developers: it’s important to let users know about bugs or possible vulnerabilities in plug-ins or apps, before things get out of hand.

If you would like to find out more or get any help contact Adeo Group today.

Get your digital strategy ready in time for the Festive Period

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is now one of the most important aspects of creating a successful business and popular individual marketing campaigns. Alongside Social Media marketing, Emails are one of the simplest and most effective ways of reaching a large number of existing and potential clients in a single shot. Operating a successful marketing campaign for the Holiday season usually means making sure plans are in place for a Holiday marketing campaign long before the Halloween season has been completed. Email marketing is now more important than ever as the number of Emails sent during the 2013 season was 13% higher than the number of Emails sent during the same season in 2012.

How to create a successful email marketing campaign?

Understanding Email marketing means taking a few simple steps to creating marketing materials that will be enjoyed and used by your customers. Firstly, creating a single Email to be sent out during the Holiday season is not always the best choice; instead, a successful marketer should look to create a series of Emails that are targeted towards specific groups and users of a business or service. Secondly, including coupons in a marketing campaign generally leads to higher levels of repeat business for the individual company or service provider. In fact, a marketing Email including a coupon sees around 2.5 times the number of returning customers than simply those who receive a general marketing Email.

It is also important to make sure the content included in an Email provides relevant information revolving around the Holiday season being entered. Making sure the email includes seasonal wording and offers linked to the Holiday season usually sees a higher opening rate and encourages more repeat business. Even with the best available content for an Email, the Email is largely worthless without an up to date address list of existing and potential clients. Before sending out a large Email blast, it is important to make sure as many of the addresses on an Email list are live and still in use before embarking on an Email marketing campaign.

Finally, it is important to make sure each and every marketing campaign a company embarks on has the best chance of success. This means that each marketing campaign should be tracked using analytics to measure its success rate with the most up to date data collection methods. Businesses should look to track the number of Emails opened, click through rates and revenue received per Email, amongst the large amount of options available in marketing data options. By tracking this data, a business can track which Emails were more successful and which offers attracted the most interest from customers.

Did you know that Adeo Group can help you to create a successful internet strategy or an email marketing campaign? Contact our digital marketing and web development teams in Glasgow, Newcastle and London and see how we can help.

Five PCI Compliance Amendments You Should Take a Note Of

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

eCommerceDo you have an ecommerce business? It does not matter what item you sell. You are most probably subject to Payment Card Industry or PCI compliance especially if it has to do with online payments. PCI compliance is indeed vital, but unfortunately, it can be overwhelming at least during the early stages. But considering how the new amendments are going to be effective soon, it is best that those running businesses understood them.

Though there is much to learn about the changes, but for the purpose of quick comprehension, they can be divided into 5 key PCI amendments that you should take a note of. They become effective on 1 January 2015. Nevertheless, some of them will be classified as best practices until June 2015. Being ready to face these things is undoubtedly wise.

Meaning of PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, abbreviated as PCI DSS refer to security standards that businesses have to comply with if they are managing cardholders’ details for POS, ATM, debit, e-purse, credit and prepaid cards. If you are managing online payments, then you should be aware of them. And in case you already do, just make sure that you keep track of all the changes.

Current PCI DSS Status

Currently, the PCI DSS is of Version Two. The plan is to shift from this version to PCI DSS and PA DSS 3.0 or Version 3. Current businesses that are PCI DSS 2.0 compliant have time up to 1 January, 2015 to implement the relevant changes. It is the perfect time for a change, New Year, a new beginning.

To make things simple, there are 5 key PCI compliance amendments to be taken note of. Since it is always good to know everything, try to read up regarding the rest of the amendments. This will ensure you are not left behind in any way. Here are the five key PCI compliance amendments:

1. Pen Test Method Standardization

Right now, pen testing is compulsory for PCI if card information is being processed, transferred or kept. But with the amendment, it will also be necessary to have an established process and method for doing so, as agreed with the pen testing company. Documenting and implementing this method not to mention satisfactorily assessing the control related to cardholder detail securing is vital too.

During the early stage, doing these things might be hard for many businesses especially the smaller ones. They may not have their own staff to do them. Thus they may to hire outsiders. And have to be careful of whom they hire.

2. System Component Inventory

This has to do with businesses keeping stock of practically everything, ranging from hardware (network equipment and virtual hosts) to software (commercial, custom and common applications). Every single item needs to be recorded with description of every use or function.

Since there is no automation, maintaining an inventory might be difficult for IT personnel. They may have to use up much time to improve and polish ways for handling and establishing the entire process. But then when everything is done, it would be a lot easier for finding what you want.

3. Dealings with Vendors

Clear documentation about whether it is the organization or vendor that handles a specific PCI DSS requirement is vital. For instance, if a business utilises data centre hosted by a vendor, the centre’s physical retrieval restrictions is handled by the business. This also covers the controls needed for handling the business. Companies should stress on these issues prior to selecting any service provider.

Since there is analysis of precisely how every vendor is utilised, this requisite may seem difficult. But in reality, retailers should know precisely what the subcontractor does, where control responsibility lies and how to generate documents explaining such things.

4. Software for Anti-malware

Another important thing to be addressed by businesses is in relation to software for anti-malware. Just because a specific system hasn’t been attacked before, this doesn’t mean it is malware fool proof. So evaluating, identifying and using the right anti-malware software is important.

Even if you utilise a system that doesn’t have a history of being attacked by malware, it is still necessary to have a process in place that ensures the system’s safety. There should be some kind of immediate warning system with red alert alarm bells or such in the event of a malware attack.

5. Point of Sale and Physical Retrieval

This particular requirement has to do with the retailer’s on-site personnel’s physical access. The access should be based on a specific person’s job role. It should be rescinded in the event of the staff’s resignation or termination. According to requirement 9.9, retailers should “protect devices that capture payment card data …from tampering and substitution”.

But this requisite may seem complicated for many retailers to follow. Testing methods for this specific requisite include verification of procedures for “maintaining a list of devices”. This requisite might seem like a new concept for various retail location managers or site administrators. It may need some amount of preparation, employee training and socialisation to ensure full implementation.

Since the effective date is 1 January 2015, there is ample time to establish or implement the necessary PCI amendments. After all, the changes are meant to create a more customer focused online payment system for your website or ecommerce, which may in turn gain new customers.

If you would like to find out more contact us today and see how we can help.

How Does Social Media Impact Search Engine Optimization?

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Digital MarketingEvery webmaster or business owner knows that SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, plays a vital role for increasing the visibility of a website in the online environment. There are tens of millions of blogs and websites on the Internet, and properly implemented SEO can make a huge difference. There are several very important aspects to consider if you want to make your website stand out from the rest: content marketing, SEO, social media, link building or keyword optimization are only a few of them.

How Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Social media is very important for optimization purposes, for several reasons. First and foremost, it allows a website owner to cheaply, quickly, efficiently and effortlessly promote the website content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and all the adjacent social networking platforms.

This is important not only for creating inbound links to the website in questions (links that weigh very heavily in the “eyes” of the Google crawlers, which calculate the ranking of each website), but also for keeping the audience engaged. Having a solid fan or customer database to follow your activity on social media is important, as this allows you to inform them in real-time whenever new content is posted. As a matter of fact, this can be regarded as a win-win: your readers are kept up to date with everything you post on your website, while you can count on them to form a loyal base of website visitors, which can be particularly beneficial if you have installed Google Adsense on your website, or if you work as an affiliate marketer.

Why Link Building is Crucial?

As mentioned above, link building is one of the most important search engine optimization techniques at the moment, and the number and quality of the inbound links can make or break your website’s ranking. Social media comes in handy in this field as well, as social content sharing represents a far more convenient way for the webmaster to do some long-term link building, while still staying on the “white hat” side of things. White Hat is a term used to describe the legit and approved SEO techniques, as opposed to Black Hat, which designate the malicious/illicit techniques that are penalized by Google.

Last, but certainly not least, your social media influence can also help you establish your website as an authority in the field, a strong, reliable and trustworthy source of information that both readers and other webmasters can look up to for inspiration. Facebook and Twitter can help you become a credible source of information in the eyes of Google, which means that you will be granted a higher website ranking.
If you would like to find out more about the benefits of SEO to your website contact us today!

A Deeper Insight into The Secrets Of Great B2B Content

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

laptopCreating efficient, original and appealing B2B content that will benefit the reader, keep him engaged and interested until the end and help you diversify your target market can be a lot more difficult than some people might think.

Here are some of the best tips to consider when writing outstanding B2B text for content marketing:

1. Focus More On The Reader Than On Selling Your Product

One of the biggest mistakes copywriters and business owners alike tend to make these days is that they are too focused on selling their products, instead of being focused on delivering an informative piece of text that will benefit the reader. Every reader wants to get something out of every text he reads, the last thing he wants is to come across a ‘salesy’ piece that is too advertising-oriented. The interests of the target group must always be taken into account when writing good B2B content, as opposed to the interests of the company!

2. People Like Funny And Entertaining Content!

One can never go wrong with an entertaining piece of content. Humor is the key to reaching out to your target market, amusement has always brought people closer and it will always do that. People get bored very quickly when they come across a lengthy and dull piece of text that does not deliver what it promises in the title.

This is actually the nightmare of every copywriter and content marketer, as the primary goal of the content is to inform and to draw the attention of the reader. If it fails to do that, then the B2B content in question is good for nothing – besides this, entertaining content is more likely to be shared via social media, and it is everybody’s dream to create a piece that will go viral, as that is the cheapest and the fastest way to raise brand awareness!

3. Never Forget Your Goals

As mentioned above, it is crucial to come up with a funny, appealing and informative text that the reader will actually enjoy. This should go without saying – never forget the reason why you are writing the B2B content in the first place. The content must be related to very specific topics, it must be very easy to read, and it must be versatile enough to appeal to just about everybody.

At the same time, it is extremely important to add a touch of personality and passion to every written text. People want to feel that “human warmth” when they read a text, they do not want to read an impersonal text that sounds as if it was written by a robot, then want to read a genuine piece written by a person who is truly looking forward to connecting with his audience.

If you would like to find out more about content marketing and search engine optimization contact us today!

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