11 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Elevate E-Commerce Websites

11 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Elevate E-Commerce Websites

Social Media Marketing Strategies To Elevate E-Commerce Websites

Nowadays, social media marketing is that key which can unlock an endless progressive world for ecommerce website businesses. With the advent of multiple social media networking platforms, every medium demands it’s own unique social media marketing strategy. These strategies not only increase sales but also enhance market value and presence. Here are some of the most effective social media marketing tips that you can employ today to learn the knack of digital marketing;


  • 1- Bring Facebook LIVE to Life:

Facebook is changing its conventional ways of helping e-commerce business by adding in new features that are more advanced, fast and produce better yields. Facebook live, against the conventional Facebook posts scheduling, is the upgraded feature that allows retailers to showcase their products over a live stream and interested buyers can simply screenshot the products and reach out to the retailer directly. This can accelerate the whole customer turnout by many folds in less time.


  • 2- The E-commerce website and Facebook Messenger Union:

This is, by far, one of the most productive combinations of the digital world. Owing to more than 1.3 monthly messenger users of Facebook, it creates the perfect platform for harnessing the brand promotion by allowing websites to sync with messenger and utilise messenger’s platform directly to update products, prices, bridge the customer communication gap and better user experience.


3- Facebook Ads – The More, The Merrier:

“As the saying goes by, “everything comes with a price, and somethings just cost more than others”, and Facebook is a classic example of this! Facebook, being a very user-friendly platform, allows multiple formats and budget-friendly packages via its social ads besides free social networking. Multiple posts can be boosted; marketing campaigns can be run to identify which format works best for your business.


  • 4- Shoppable Posts- Instagram’s Ecommerce Breakthrough:

Indeed, Facebook has been reigning over the ecommerce business since a very long time, but Instagram has now emerged as a fastest growing ecommerce platform via its groundbreaking Shoppable Posts feature. No, you can simply link your product images with a shoppable feature which allows the user to click on the image and it will land him/her on your ecommerce website directly. This feature also shows the price of the displayed image in the post. Just like an upfront store.


  • 5- Your Followers are Your Best friends:

As cliché as it may seem, but Instagram is all about followers, especially for the ecommerce business, and it does make all the sense, more followers more potential buyers, right?  Having crossed over 10,000 followers on Instagram, it allows the ecommerce business website to add direct links in the stories which can easily land the customer by just one “swipe up” on your ecommerce website. Having more followers gradually opens up more opportunities for your business to utilise Instagram.


  • 6- IGTV is the upcoming Instagram’s Wave:

Although Instagram’s new feature IGTV has already made its success mark among the Instagram users, it is still being tested for making it more ecommerce friendly. For now, it does allow the “collections” feature for all the shoppable posts to be featured in one IGTV video and its already gaining popularity. Soon, Instagram is going to launch a native payment method where no more swiping up or website landings will be required, and all your sales can be managed on Instagram organically.


  • 7- Pinterest- Forlorn but Still Fighting!

Amidst all the Facebook and Instagram competition, Pinterest had slowly started becoming a fading memory until it hit back with a full-throttle with its “Shop the Look” feature. Pinterest has recently entered into the ecommerce competition by allowing brands to utilise on-platform purchasing, a direct responding feature of Shop the Look.


  • 8- Pinterest’s Carousel Ads:

It’s the new Ad-game in the market introduced by Pinterest where you can promote five images in one ad! This has certainly become the talk of the town for ecommerce business as it is economical, fast and one click-5-products job! A perfect seal-deal.


  • 9- Buyable Pins Replaced by Product pins:

Pinterest replaced it was buyable pins with product pins back in 2018, and it has ever since been an ecommerce favourite. Pinterest’s product pins land the customer on a shoppable feed that shows the stock, pricing and availability of the product. This highly enhances the user turnout and above all, the user experience.


  • 10- YouTube Ads- A New Horizon:

YouTube’s user base has increased ever since 2017, and it has only been growing, especially owing to the launch of its Ad feature during videos. It has created a platform for ecommerce and other businesses to flash the products, deals and basically anything that grabs a viewer’s attention to convert him/her into a potential customer. An excellent short YouTube video strategy and a right Ad placement can really bring benefit for your business from this platform.


  • 11- Know what works for you!

Along with all these platforms, the right social media marketing strategy can really make or break your ecommerce business. All these social media platforms do not just boost business overnight; it’s a tedious process of constant hit and trial until you have cracked what is best for your business.

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