How Email Marketers Can Activate Unresponsive Subscribers.


Every marketer knows that you require less effort and money to get business from existing customers than to acquire new customers. Many marketers remain oblivious to the potential locked up in subscribers who have been unresponsive to email communication and assume that they are dead leads. They instead go continually chasing after new lead, a process that is invariably quite costly.

Typically, marketers will find that around 60% of their email list is inactive. This means that these subscribers have not clicked on any email that you have sent for over six months. A large number of email subscribers could have also unsubscribed from the list because they are irritated due to too many emails being received. Currently, more than 66% of emails are being read by users on mobile devices so non-optimization of emails could be a prime cause for customers being inactive. It has also been observed that the longer the subscribers have been on an email list, the less they respond to marketing emails.

Maintain the Health of Your Email List

Email marketers can keep their subscriber list healthy in a number of ways. The most effective way is not to let customers become dormant in the first place. This can be done by ensuring that the emails sent to customers using a bulk mailer in Mumbai are relevant and useful so that they are compelled to open and read the emails. When subscribers receive relevant emails, they look out for such communication eagerly and will definitely read them despite time constraints. Using the results of response metrics reviews you can zoom into the content that specific target customers are interested in and then customize the contents accordingly.

Scrub Email Lists Periodically

Most marketers are reluctant to delete the unresponsive subscribers from their email lists simply because they think that there can be no harm done by retaining them and if they are lucky the subscriber may come alive suddenly. However, it is very important to keep on deleting names from the email lists that are confirmed to be unresponsive even after you have tried your best to revive them. You benefit by making your email lists more manageable, improving the response rates, and decreasing the chance of your emails being labelled as spam. Tighter management of your subscriber list will allow you to focus better on content that is useful to different customer segments.

Effective Re-engagement Tactics

Every email marketer should set his internal benchmark of when to classify a subscriber as being unresponsive. Normally, marketers can start flagging customers if they have not engaged with them or even clicked on the emails for a period of minimum six months. When this happens you can do a number of things.

Information update: Marketers can request subscribers to update their preferences or even their preferred email address. Consider sending a short survey to find out why they have stopped reading your emails or why they are not responding to your emails. It may be a very good idea to send an email saying that they are being missed; also give them some information on what they have been missing out on. Along with an incentive like a freebie or a discount on a product or a service, this could be a good way of reactivating dormant subscribers.

Polls and Surveys: Marketers can send a survey, which when completed, make subscribers eligible for a free gift or a discount code. The poll should be carefully structured so that you get to know the current preferences of the subscribers and their interests that could then be used to target them more effectively.

Online Competitions: Easy to participate contests with handsome prizes and rewards can be very effective in raising customers from the dead.


The best way of retaining customers is to not to lose them in the first place. Drive customer engagement with good quality content that is relevant. Do not promise what you cannot deliver and keep your emailing frequency down to a level that does not seem that you are forcing yourself on to the customer. The golden rule is to give your recipients what they want at a time that they want it, and lasting engagement shall follow. However, if you find customers not engaging with you for a long time then try some simple techniques to reactivate them, failing which, remove them from your list to make them more manageable.

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