5 Most Effective Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales

5 Most Effective Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales

5 Most Effective Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales


Are you worried about not attracting enough visitors to your Ecommerce website? Are the visitors don’t easily convert into customers despite the fact that your store offers some amazing products? Do your competitors have far better search engine standing than you?

If the answer to any of the above questions is in YES, then you need to revisit your strategy and revamp your ecommerce website ASAP. We suggest five most effective ways that can boost your ecommerce sales and dissolve all the worries.


  • 1- Attract visitors to your Website through SEO:

Before relying on paid ads, make sure to optimise your website for search engines through a proper SEO plan. Ecommerce websites have the potential to generate massive traffic through organic means. Be it keyword research, site architecture, on-page SEO or content marketing; make sure to tick all the checkboxes that can attract visitors to your website. It is only after spending your time and effort on Ecommerce SEO that you should explore options like PPC and social media marketing.


  • 2- Meet your Customers on Social Media:

Do you know the best place to grab many of your potential customers? The place is called Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter; basically, all of the social media that can bring you a plethora of customers. More than search engines, people are now inquiring about products and services through different social networks. If your business has a lazy social media plan – or even dangerously – no presence at all on any social site; then you are losing out on a huge customer base.

Make sure to develop a comprehensive social plan and meet your customers when they are; on social media. The plan must include social media marketing so that you can target potential customers through social media ads. Besides this, social networks can also be used for providing customer services and brand building.


  • 3- Run Paid campaigns through Web and Social Media:

It is a known fact that a majority of purchases by Millennials and Generation Z’s are done online. The craze for online shopping is increasing day by day and by 2021, ecommerce sales will hit $5 trillion? Knowing this, if you do not take leverage of paid marketing now, then you will have only yourself to blame in the future.

Make a strategy for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as well as SMM (Social Media Marketing) and run a killer Google Ads campaign to attract more and more customers to your e-store. If terms like PPC and CPC trouble, you then leave it to the professionals who can design and run paid campaigns for your e-commerce business.


  • 4- Keep the focus where it should be; on the product:

Don’t forget that when any user visits your website, the intention is first to check the product and then see if it is worth buying or not. In such a case, wouldn’t it be a downer if the product is not displayed properly? This is why you need to focus on presenting the products attractively to every visitor.

Have high-quality images of the product, write a proper description, and explain its benefits or functionality through videos and customer reviews. It should be your topmost priority to equip your potential customers with all the relevant details about the product or service. Only then, they will make the decision whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.


  • 5- Keep the checkout simple silly

This is the mother of all tips. A lot of time, people abandon the checkout process because it is too confusing or time-consuming, or both. In order to avoid that, you need to simplify the checkout process as much as you can.

Try removing the sign-up feature or make it optional, like Apple does. Also, ask for only basic contact and billing information at the checkout because customers don’t like to fill lengthy forms. Once the sale is closed, you can always encourage them to sign up and opt for updates and product recommendations. The faster and simpler the checkout process is, the easier it will for the customers to make a purchase.


Bonus Tip: Introduce New Features to improve Conversion Rate further:

If you get good traffic on your website, but the conversion rate is rather discouraging, then you need to find out what is stopping the visitors from making a purchase. Sometimes, introducing new features on the site can make a huge difference, for example:

  • i- Add live chat service on your website where users can talk to customer service representatives. By providing the visitor’s real-time guidance about the product or service, you can significantly increase your conversion rate.
  • ii- Gain the trust of the visitors by adding trust badges like McAfee Secure, VeriSign, and Hacker Safe etc. Customers’ security should be, after all, your topmost priority.
  • iii- Give some space to user-generated content on your website. Encouraging your existing customers to add reviews of the products will attract new users.

A sure-shot way to increase Ecommerce Sales

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