5 Most Important PPC Trends You Need To Know in 2020

5 Most Important PPC Trends You Need To Know in 2020

The year 2020 is almost here and getting the most out of your advertising budget is topping everyone’s to-do list.

More and more advancement is foreseeable in the field of marketing; we’ll see PPC trends emerging in 2020, making it trickier for digital marketers to cope with the market. But don’t worry, Adeo Group has got your back!

Here are the biggest PPC trends you need to know in 2020!

  • Data Management

To succeed in marketing, a company must have data…..actually a lot of data. But it’s more important to leverage that data to make smart decisions.

That data must comprise of everything you know about your audience.

For example, the data will know their habits, interests, how have they interacted with your business, are they coming from other websites, what are the keywords they search for, what they are researching or planning etc. Basically, anyone that has interacted online with your business-whether on the website, CRM database or social media- must be a part of your data.


Audience Targeting

Utilising data from your visitors to form audience segments is something that’ll keep you on track with your PPC advertising in 2020.

You don’t want to target everyone who searches the specific keyword on Google. Instead, you may want to target each audience segment at their criteria, for example, you may target the segment where the searcher has visited your website, searched for the keyword on Google as well as on YouTube from a particular location. That way you’re spending less money, and the people that click are farther in the conversion funnel.

  • Look beyond mainstream

There are always other platforms for advertising; new platforms bring new ideas, new audiences and new opportunities. Google and Facebook are the two advertising platforms that receive the most ads since they have the most traffic.

In today’s world, traffic is not limited to Facebook and Google only; there are other platforms where you can target your audience. In 2020, you must explore alternative areas to display your ads, but if you don’t wish to do this, you’d see your competitors advancing, leaving you behind. So don’t put your eggs in one basket!

There are great options like Amazon, Bing Ads, Pinterest, LinkedIn Ads etc. to choose from. It also helps you identify new markets to meet your organisational goals.

  • Automation: the new trend

Artificial intelligence has the potential to become more intelligent than humans and work faster than them, which is why it is a helping hand for digital marketers. It’s the most significant PPC trend to watch out for in 2020. Furthermore, Google has made our lives easier with its automation options.

Artificial intelligence, coupled with machine learning, can help you with software and data analytics tools to generate revenue at a better rate. You can achieve this through PPC optimisation. This is where there is a system within your PPC campaign that regulates, refines and improves performance. Help machines learn the essentials and lessen the person-hours needed to optimise campaigns.

Will Machine learning be enough?

If you’re following the same pattern for a task every time you do it, then you don’t need to do it yourself anymore; instead, your machine will do it for you.

That does not mean that the norm of manual bidding will subside completely or the jobs of bidding managers or digital marketers will come to an end. AI can never replace human intuitions. Since the speed and scope of these platforms are progressing day by day, it is impossible to keep up with the pace of your competitors without these measures.

  • Voice-search

Technology has made everyone’s lives easier; at the same time, people are happier when they don’t have to move a finger to make an effort. Well, voice-search is an example. It’s becoming a powerful asset for marketers. Soon enough, they will be optimising their keywords based on voice search.

In 2020, more than 50% of the users will be using voice search. That means it’ll be more opportunistic to use a conversational tone in your keyword targeting.

It can easily be predicted that in 2020, we’ll see more advancements in this field.

  • Remarketing

Your goals will be boosted by remarketing in 2020 and beyond! In fact, this is the time to focus on remarketing: it is the most trusted tool with conversion rates. Here you remarket to the users that have already visited your website. Sounds absurd? Guess what! It gives you a better click-through rate!

This time it’s going to be more targeted and personalised therefore rendering them more likely to convert. Getting people to remember your brand is one of the goals here.

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