A Heart Felt thank you this Valentine’s Day.



As some of you may know my daughter, Molly had major cardiac surgery a couple of weeks ago. She has given me permission to write this as she feels as grateful as I do for the support and love we’ve experienced from our family, friends, colleagues, and the NHS. Not only does Molly have a new fabulously functioning heart valve and aorta, she has overcome a horrendous lung infection which, to be frank, had us all breathless with worry for a few days.

As we approach the Valentine’s weekend, I am delighted to report that she is now on the road to recovery. I saw first-hand the continued commitment to each and every patient from the amazing team on Ward 1E Cardiology and PICU at the Royal Hospital for Children. Words are just not enough to thank each and every one of them for their dedication, skill, and at times, humour. I thank them for bringing me copious amounts of tea and answering my numerous and no doubt repetitive questions with a smile.

The last few weeks have put things in perspective. We’ve all been affected by Covid and the knock-on effect it has had has rippled through us all. During these difficult days it can be all too easy to forget that everyday life continues for those with chronic disease or illness, like heart conditions, cancer, or MS – issues that will not be solved by the Covid vaccine and if anything, the pandemic has delayed crucial life-saving treatments. Much as the Fraser family wait eagerly for news of our vaccines, I can only imagine how those parents feel who know that there is, as of yet, no cure for their beloved children.

So this Valentine’s I am not sending my “secret” love to just one person. I am sending all my love, loud and proud, to the amazing NHS along with my heart-felt gratitude to those who helped save my daughters’ life. Molly and the whole Fraser family also say that perhaps on Valentine’s Day 2021 we should all send love to anyone and everyone who feel they just may need it.

Susie Fraser

Managing Director

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