Abandoned checkouts? How to make them stay.

shutterstock_111469742In today’s highly competitive digital world, just creating a superb website isn’t enough. To increase the conversion rates that add to your profits, you should certainly focus on building a website, which is highly interactive, user-friendly, and offers seamless user experience across all devices and platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop. Here are 3 proven tips to take care of, so that your visitors don’t forsake your site, but stay and contribute to your profits.

Simplify your registration and checkout process

Does your site greet consumers with boatloads of questions to register or checkout? If so, expect to lose a considerable amount of them. Registration or checkout, a recent research (Forrester) says that 11% of online shoppers simply abandoned the website because it asked for too much information. Moreover, since there is an extreme increase in mobile shopping, long registration and checkout process will only be a huge turn off.

Solution: Give options for fast registration/login using existing social media accounts. You can also use sign-in options from payment providers like PayPal and Amazon to speed up the login/checkout process.

Solicit consumer interaction

What is the first thing you set out to do while you plan to buy something? You would like to know the opinion of your friends or someone who had already purchased it, right?! This will apply to your consumers too. They usually don’t buy something unless they know the opinions of someone they could trust.

Solution: Encourage consumer interaction by providing comments/feedback and review section, and inviting consumers to blog their shopping experiences. These are sure-fire ways to win the trust of your consumers, and also increase the SEO performance.

Build mobile-friendly websites

Besides desktop computer and laptops, your website must be compatible on multiple devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Otherwise, you will simply miss a lion’s share of the consumer market, since mobile shopping, like mentioned before, is drastically exploding. Nowadays, consumers love to shop online while they are out along with their friends. And if your website doesn’t live up on their mobile devices, they are going to forever bid farewell to your business.

Solution: Embrace responsive website design to create seamless user experience across all devices and mediums.

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