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It’s been a while since we’ve written a catch-up blog post, so grab a cup of tea because today’s is a long one!

What’s New With Us?

It’s been a busy few months since we moved into our new offices back in January and over the next 12 months we are going to be even busier with some amazing projects coming up.

Our website builder Kommand has taken off and we have built some great partnerships with it. We also working on a number of different projects, Ecommerce and third sector, and have some more interesting web development work coming up towards the end of the year.

Internally we’re looking to grow and fill the seats in our new offices – we are currently advertising a digital marketing vacancy so have a look if this is something that could interest you or someone you know.

Lastly, we’ve got some development and team building events planned including a workshop on team values and vision at the end this month and will be supporting an SEO event happening in August with talks from some of the world’s top SEO marketers.

A new website is on its way…

If you’ve been with us for a while you may have noticed that our logo and branding has had a refresh, and this has been reflected on our social media channels and email signatures. However with a website the size of ours it takes a little longer to get it switched over and we’re still working away at getting it updated – bear with us, it will be here soon 🙂

New to Adeo Group?

As our business continues to grow we meet new people every week and sometimes forget they may not know that much about us. For those of you who are new, the rest of this post is a bit of who we are and what we do to help you get acquainted.

If you’ve got any questions or would like to discuss your digital project please get in touch. We help businesses big and small and always have an open ear to clients’ online ambitions.

Who Are We?

Starting out as graphic and web designers based in Glasgow, Adeo Group have since grown into a multi-functional creative digital agency with offices in Scotland, England and the UAE. From design and development, to marketing we have the resources available to put together the perfect online plan for your business needs.

The end objective for our clients is, and always will be, to help them achieve their conversion goals, whether that be sales or newsletter sign-ups.

Other design agencies promise the earth but fail to deliver on results. Adeo Group are different. We have learnt from our experience (and mistakes) the most effective methods to deliver conversion-driven web design solutions (and have the technical ability to do so).

It is this focus which has put us among Glasgow’s top web design companies with the ability and resources to design, launch and maintain a website, hassle-free, on time and to budget.

What Do We Do?

Adeo Reception

First and foremast Adeo Group are a team of web designers and web developers based at our Glasgow HQ. Our expertise focuses on responsive web design, building Ecommerce stores and creating tailored cutting-edge digital solutions that help small businesses target their customer groups.

Innovation-driven, we enjoy the challenge of constructing unique digital concepts and have worked with clients in industries as varied as retail, recruitment, telecommunications, health and leisure.

We have even developed our own ‘straight out of the box, ready to go’ CMS and Ecommerce platform, Redback, to allow our clients to take control and create a website or Ecommerce website that is simple, clean, effective and secure.

Website Design That’s Inclusive, Not Exclusive

Why is Adeo Group different from other web agencies?

What makes us different from other website designers is our commitment and ability to build websites which meet wc3 and Accessibility standards. We achieve this through adhering strictly to the Web’s concrete set of rules and requirements when it comes to valid coding. Our websites are also designed so that anyone, regardless of disability, can navigate, and then buy from them.

Support from Start to Finish

On top of that we believe in providing continuous support for our clients and do not ‘cut ties’ after a web development project finishes.

Many of our customers have been with us since the beginning and we make it our goal to develop a long-lasting relationship with every client we work with.

This partnership approach means our websites can quickly adapt to market and technological changes, enabling you to get the best and most up to date web page design possible.

App Development & Mcommerce

The amount spent by UK shoppers on smartphones is expected to increase by 243.5% over the next four years, while spend on both phones and tablet devices will increase by over 230%.

If you own an Ecommerce online store are you aware that you could dramatically increase your sales by introducing a multi-channel selling strategy which encompasses mobile Ecommerce?

Adeo Group can build Ecommerce websites that work great on desktop, tablet and mobile and tailor them to your business’s selling strategy.

Graphic Design

Aside from web development services Adeo Group are also a design agency that can help your small business grow from a simple idea in your head to a full brand with logos, graphic materials and strong corporate branding.

Great Design is About Inspiring, Converting and Building a Memorable Brand

shutterstock_287254529Our roots in graphic design mean we are able to distinguish between design fads and what will work for your business in the long-term.

Design is a fickle world, and it is easy to get sucked in by a flash-in-the-pan graphic design portfolio or a graphic design agency that has only been in existence for a few months.

Instead of paying a hefty bill for work you will have ultimately have to get redesigned in a year why not work with a creative graphic design agency who knows GOOD design is; design that will stand the test of time?

Design, Redesign or One-off Design

Adeo Group can help your business regardless of what stage you’re at. Whether you are a start-up business with no logo or website, or a fully established brand simply looking to create some new business cards we have graphic design services to help. Find out more below:


Adeo Group have worked with many start-up business looking to create a sleek online look. Our team of graphic designers are able to help you get the ideas out of your head and turn them into a reality.


It might be the case that your business is already trading but you aren’t happy with how your image is portrayed on and offline. A re-brand might be just what you need to put some oomph behind your business and elevate it above the competition.


Last but not least, you might be looking to produce one-off high-quality on or offline materials for a promotional campaign, such as Christmas or Summer Sales. Our talented designers will be able to create stunning visuals in-keeping with your business image.

Whatever the professional graphic design services your business needs, Adeo Group will be able to create something visually stunning. Our design process typically involves you from beginning to end to make sure the end result is a true representation of your business. Or, alternatively if getting creative isn’t your thing then we can also take your brief, disappear for a while before presenting the creative delights we have come up with.

Internet Marketing Strategies

presentationsLastly, (yes, this is an extensive post!) Adeo Group offer digital marketing services including SEO, social media marketing and PPC.

Today, online marketing is a key component of digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Adeo Group have supported many of our clients in implementing an online digital marketing strategy that drastically improved their online presence.

If you are looking to engage customers and increase your online visibility a digital marketing strategy might be just what you need.

A Digital Marketing Agency Glasgow That Understands Local SEO and Niche SEO

One of the great things about adopting SEO into your business’s online marketing strategy is the ability to target niche market groups or local markets.

Wouldn’t it be great to show on local search engine result listings for your local city, or for your particular product or service? Adeo Group can help your business achieve your desired results.

Still not convinced?

Why not look at some of customer testimonials to see how we have helped other businesses. Alternatively why not give us a call to talk about your concerns?

Our team can audit your business’s current online position and suggest the best combination of services you need to reach your desired conversion goals. We’ve already helped hundreds of businesses, now it’s time for us to help yours!

Work With Us.

Nothing seemed to be a problem for Adeo and the team we work with are always supportive and swift to respond to any requests.

- Scott McEwan, Chief Executive, Boston Networks

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