Advertise Your Events Through These Techniques Using Paid Search and Social Ads

How to Use Paid Search & Social Ads for Promoting Events

Advertise Your Events Through These Techniques Using Paid Search and Social Ads


When it comes to promoting events, the timing and practicality of the overall strategy become crucially important. Digital advertising is what plays a major role when businesses have special events. There are some definite strategies to leverage paid ads and social advertising, that must not be ignored.


Your target audience is your driving force

The starting point is and must always be: who you want to advertise to? Using different platforms for ads, you may build personas of the audience that may be interested in your event. LinkedIn and Facebook are the best platforms for B2B; you can see segmentation on the basis of age group, job titles and interests.

Ask yourself, why would they like to attend your event? Where do they spend their time online? Hence which ads platform should you be investing in? The key is targeting the right people with the right message. Also, a profile of your target audience will help you keep track of their age, location and hobbies.


Homework before the campaign set up

Promoting an event is all about having a brand presence on different channels. Hence these platforms must be used wisely. But it’s difficult to reach your audience for free. It is vital that your event has a separate identity in your campaigns as in it would have completely new images, site-links and new ad-copy. In the same vein, it would occupy a novel messaging style and unique strategies.

Every event must have separate campaigns so that it’s conversions can be easily assessed. Before setting up the campaign, a separate budget must be calculated and allocated to it.


Be creative!

Potential attendees will notice one thing instantly: your creativity. It’s something that speaks for itself. A clever, informative, clear and unique style of designs will attract not only your potential customers but impress any on-looker. Adopt the best practices in image and text ads with a vivid and interesting style that conveys your intention clearly. It’s important to have a look at the text on the image ratio of ad platforms.

Want to add more attraction to your ads? A count-down timer will do the job. It is an ad-customizer that is available easily on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.


Do it on-but on time!

When your all hands are on all channels, juggling between paid search ads and ads social, don’t lose track of time. Amidst all the chaos, timing is crucial when it comes to promoting your event. The goal is to reach the maximum people who would get the most out of your valuable event. Have a timeline that you have to follow and decide on the date when you finally feel like it’s the right time to kick things off. Some events may require a build-up of weeks, whereas some may require reaching the audience on the exact days. So mind your timing!

The ad schedules may and run dates may need special attention too.


Location matters a lot!

Paid search strategies work hand in hand with geotargeting considerations. Here’s where you can find help for PPC management and social media marketing in Glasgow through a digital agency. Geotargeting will largely depend on the location of your event. The density of your customer base will dictate the radius.  Here intelligent budget allocations to different areas come into play. So spend wisely!

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