B2B Content Marketing

“Content” seems to be the trendy word these days. And the term is gaining traction in the digital world as well as the more conventional marketing world. Companies are giving more importance to creating and placing smart and useful information on the Internet, a process known as content marketing and SEO.

Why the Need for so much Content?

The level of emphasis in the B2B market is increasing, and its larger than we’ve ever seen before, all due to the endless amounts of information we have available over the Internet.

In today’s market, an idea, product or service becomes popular because it catches on, becomes popular and trendy. But for that to happen, its usefulness has to be spread by word of mouth. And that word of mouth can only come from producing useful content and placing it on the Internet.

This idea of creating documents, videos and images that share experience, ideas and questions is a strong one. According to content and SEO experts, the more you share, the more you solve other business needs; you offer solutions and help others achieve their own goals. In return for this, businesses help you by buying your product or service, or by referring your services to others. This is the “Golden Globe” award for any successful business – and a goal every organization has.

How Does a Business Implement Successful Content Practices into Their Infrastructure?

The decisive factor in creating a successful online marketing campaign lies in having a “STRATEGY.” Having a documented strategy improves marketing effectiveness by about 66%.

Adeo Group can offer you a high quality content management system (CMS) which allows you to add, delete, update and amend content whenever it suits you and without costing you a single penny each time. Simply contact us and find out how our specialized CMS can help you to improve your business success.

The Current Statistics

Even so, recent statistics suggest that most businesses don’t believe a strategic plan is necessary, and almost 84% of business marketers still have no real plan or strategy in place when it comes to their content.


This year the percentage of B2B marketers creating an effective, documented SEO and content marketing strategy is increasing. Still, only about 40% of businesses have implemented this type of strategy. Even though those that have, report being significantly more effective in their marketing efforts.

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