How Can Your Small Business Benefit From Moving Online?

UK BusinessThe rapid growth of the Internet as a digital tool from the 1990s through to the present day has left many businesses and charities struggling to come to terms with creating a digital presence. The shift experienced by leading countries – including the UK – towards a digital based economy has been led by larger companies and organisations. These large companies and organisations are able to invest large sums in developing an integrated online strategy, providing consumers with much more than simply a Website advertising their products or services.

What Benefits Can a Digital Presence Bring to a Business?

Switching to, or integrating, an Online presence into your business is becoming increasingly important. As well as developing brand equity and awareness a digital presence is necessary for users wanting to carry out operational tasks such as making a payment Online. Similarly a social media presence has proved to be a relied upon, and somewhat expected, tool for reassuring users about a brand and for providing a platform for communication and engagement.

How Can Your Small Business Benefit From Moving Online?

In 2015, research by the UK based Business Digital Index revealed around 1.2 million small and medium sized businesses did not have basic Internet based skills developed by themselves or a Web developer. This shocking fact means these business owners are missing out on a major part of the British economy, which now sees £718.7 million spent Online each week in the UK and continues to grow annually. By ignoring the challenges and advantages of developing an Online presence small and medium business owners are losing out on sales to customers. Moving online also allows small business to link their organisation to suppliers offering deep discounts for Online users.

How Can Charitable Organisations Benefit From An Increased Digital Presence?

Over three quarters of charitable organisations in the UK still maintain doubts about the benefits of moving Online via any platform. They fail to understand how developing a Website and Online presence can increase the knowledge people have of their cause and, in turn, the contributions they receive. Less than half of all charities in the UK have any form of basic Online skills, which means they are missing out on connecting with an entire generation of individuals who are becoming increasingly more digitally connected. Social media is a major aspect affecting charity in the UK and around the world. It can be used to highlight good causes and the needs they have. Charities creating a digital presence are able to connect with this technologically-savvy Generation which in turn helps increase the charity’s profile and inevitably positively affects donations.

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