How the Social Media Platform Will Transcend in future

With a greater number of online digital users now scanning the social channels of businesses, it has become ever more imperative that every business be available for their customers on these platforms. From Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to Snapchat; every platform offers a unique marketing strategy for small and big businesses to redefine their business-customer relationship. here’s a list of the most common trends that will be prevalent in social media marketing:  


Integrating AR/VR into the Social Experience  

Ever since Pokémon Go revolutionised the AR experience for the average digital consumer, more and more companies have jumped on the bandwagon to integrate a broader sense of AR consumer experience for the clients. This is a trend which will peak evermore as it has a higher engagement point than any other form of visual/auditory communication. Various airports, city municipalities and the likes are catering out AR/VR experience videos and interactions for their targeted audience. Similarly, for growing businesses, this mode can be tapped to maximum potential to get the brand message across.  

Chat Bots and AI to Streamline Customer Support  

From the first touch point to after sales support, AI and chat bots are now being integrated within the social media platforms to assist businesses in making their customer support more efficient. Imagine dumping a meticulous knowledge base into your AI/Chat Bot to help you in answering any and all queries that your clientele may have. In recent years, Google, Facebook and WhatsApp have integrated AI chat bots on their business modules which enable startups to provide round the clock support to their customers. In 2019, this conversion optimisation will be common in business-customer interactions.  


Network Marketing through Micro-Influencers  

This year, businesses realized the potential of marketing through micro-influencers instead of hiring top guns for to promote their services, products or content. Contrary to social media stars, micro-influencers have a smaller following or around or less than 10k followers. But these are people who are genuinely interested in what these influencers have to say. Reaching out to micro-influencers in your niche can greatly boost your revenue and sales. Due to a trusted audience, there’s a higher chance of multichannel marketing to generate business via micro-influencers. Next year will see a rise in the number of micro-influencers.  


Visual Content Will Reign Supreme in Consumption  

The competition to gain audience attention in the digital world grows fiercer by the second as social noise increases in size. To capture the interest of your consumers, your digital content will have to be more visual than text. Videos have had an increase in demand as they convey the brand message more clearly than text. An immersive and inspirational video that humanises your business and rightly portrays what you’re all about will bring in loyal consumers. Story-fy your message on any popular platform to get connected instantly. The raw, unedited and live version of your content will get your audience to engage in real-time.  


A Two-Way Street; Personalised and User-Generated  

Plan, Create, Generate; our group’s motto is what will look like for the social media marketing landscape. As we believe that a trustworthy and loyal business-customer relationship begins once you interact, engage and reward your clients for choosing to do business with you. Everyone appreciates personalised content based on their preference which is why you should consider your clientele as partners, not customers. Reward them and let them involve shaping your brand message, and in turn gather user-generated content for your business.  


At ADEO Group, we understand the complexities of Social media marketing, which is why we offer plans customised to your business needs. Contact us today, and let’s optimise your social presence!  

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