We’ve got a brand new Adeo Groupie! How exciting!


Blair Stevenson - Account Manager Extraordinaire!


Meet Blair,  Account Manager Extraordinaire at Adeo Group. We thought we’d give him a few weeks to settle in before grilling him…


Where have you worked before?

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in a few different roles and sectors at this point in my career. However, I have been primarily working within digital marketing and relationship management. I spent a few years within the Chamber of Commerce system in Scotland before moving into marketing the property industry in 2015.

Joining Adeo, I’m happy to be merging my skills and previous experience with my passion for digital. I’ve always been a digital geek, so being surrounded by people who actually know what I’m talking about on a day-to-day basis will be excellent!


Favourite part of the digital industry?
I’ve always found the unpredictability of the industry exciting. It feels like the goal posts are forever moving. There is always the ominous threat that something will change. All it can take is one of the big social or search companies to alter their algorithm even slightly and your entire marketing plan might need to be adjusted.


The digital industry all depends on consumer behaviour too – and we all know people can be unpredictable! Will the masses stick with Snapchat or are we watching it fade away like Vine did? Will pensioners fall in love with Musically? Who knows?!


Greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement is getting my niece to go to sleep.

Oh, professionally? Sorry.

In that case, it would probably be getting nominated for the Best Creative Marketing award at the Glasgow Business Awards in 2016. We were particularly proud of that one given that the marketing team in that organisation at the time was just me … working with a budget of £0. There’s a reason we needed to be so creative!


What attracted you to Adeo?
It was definitely the people which attracted me to Adeo. I had met with Gordon and Yusuf previously, having been a client of Adeo in my previous role. I got to know the team through that engagement too and was impressed by the knowledge and quality of the work produced across the board. So when I was given the opportunity to come and join the team, it was an easy decision.


What are you most looking forward to working at Adeo?
I’m looking forward to the challenge of the position. I’m used to being the most knowledgeable digital mind in the organisation! Digital is such an incredible industry and it feels like a great time, both in terms of my career and in the economy, to join an organisation with such a strong track record as Adeo.

I’m also looking forward to getting to know the team here better too, soaking up their knowledge as best I can and developing my own digital ability!


Recommend us a Netflix show and/or a song you can’t get out of your head just now?
They’ve have Still Game on Netflix! Who need’s more?!

In all seriousness, I’ve become a little addicted to the Netflix original show Flaked. “Arrested Development” star Will Arnett plays a recovering alcoholic running an AA group in Venice Beach. It’s excellent.


Music wise – right now I can’t get “Romeo’s on Fire” by the band The Stunning out of my head. The Stunning were a very successful Irish band in the 1980’s, touring with the likes of U2 and Bob Dylan. At the end of last year, I walked into a tiny Irish bar in New York and they happened to be playing – been a fan ever since!


We’re excited to have Blair join our team and with one Adeo baby here and another on the way, we’ll definitely be looking to him for advice on getting them to sleep.

And here’s the professional photo  of Blair to join our other groupies on the website. See the rest of our team here!

Blair Stevenson - Account Manager Extraordinaire!



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