Why Should You Build a Brand Story for Your Small Business?

brand storyWithout a unique story, customers can often struggle to distinguish your business from others which offer a similar service. In an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace it is important that your business finds a way to rise above the pack and stand out. If you can make people care about your business and what you do, your product and/or services will become elevated and a bond will be created with customers.

What is a Brand Story?

A brand story helps a customer to understand what your business offers and what the business’s background, motivations and aims are. This helps your customers align themselves with your brand values and helps develop brand affinity and loyalty. Once you have created an effective brand story your business can become stronger and more streamlined and you will have paved a way for future developments of your marketing plans. Brand loyalty will help your customers become repeat-purchasers and advocates who will in turn promote your brand both through word of mouth and through social media.

Why Is It Important to Build a Brand Story?

Brand loyalty begins when consumers feel a connection with your company and trust your service above that of your competitors. You can initiate this connection by explaining what your business does and what you stand for. Here are four ways to build a compelling story, which communicates effectively with an audience and helps your business to grow.

1. Show your customers what you’ve done, don’t just talk about it

Rather than using dry descriptive content on your webpage, take the opportunity to give examples of how you’ve helped people and made a difference to their lives. You can include quotes from past customers, plenty of quality images and descriptions that provoke an emotional response. Ensure that each example you use follows a linear structure – start with someone who had problem or concern, introduce your product or service, and then finally explain how you were able to help them.

2. Be aware of your audience

When you’re writing for the web you have a potentially global audience, but in order to access the consumers who might be interested in what you offer, you need to know them. Think about what your customers can relate to, the things they enjoy doing and their aspirations. This puts you in a better position when explaining how your product can make their lives better, or easier.

3. Stay true to the real benefits of your brand

Consumers are barraged by numerous advertisements every day, they know when sales patter is starting and often will turn off when they feel they are being manipulated. Instead of using a hard-sell it can be more effective to be open and honest about what your business is doing – by keeping your branding authentic you’ll earn more respect. Better still, you will avoid the kind of complex and confusing messages that can kill a product or service. There is nothing wrong with a little creativity, so long as you always stay true to your company’s ideology.

4. Make it sharable

If people love your brand and want to pass on the good news to others, social media is an ideal platform. The most relatable and human stories will be shared many times or could even go viral; it’s free advertising and can create a huge amount of interest in what you offer. To have an impact on social media, consider how your brand story will be received, does it make people feel good and will you be seen the way you’d like to be seen? The market place is highly competitive, but if you can identify a way of making your service meaningful, your audience will respond by sharing it out to the people they love and care for.

Do You Need Help With Your Small Business?

Many businesses, examples include TOMS shoes and Red Bull, have built compelling brand stories that fully engage their customers. They have used their brand stories to help elevate their business to the forefront of their market and are able to further their narrative with new products launches and marketing campaigns.

If you currently operate a small business, or are looking to begin a start-up, then you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in creating a full brand, website and online presence and establishing yourself in your marketplace. Adeo Group have over 10 years’ experience in Creative website design and development. Our team offer on-going support to ensure our clients can adapt to market and economic changes. To find out more about our services and how we can help you, contact us today.


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