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Published 10th November 2021 THE ITT IS NOW CLOSED We are looking for bidders for our new Progressive Web App (PWA) eCommerce platform. ADEO, a digital agency ie seeking to work with a bidder to develop a new Progressive Web App (PWA) e-commerce platform for Adeo to use as a new CMS for clients The… Read more »

Launching theLatest Superfood Sciiona

Have you heard of moringa? If not, let us bring you up to speed. Moringa, often referred to as ‘the miracle tree’, is one of the most nutrient dense and nutritionally useful trees on earth. Moringa includes all nine essential proteins, an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of which have hugely significant benefits… Read more »

WFH or Living at Work How to Practice Career Self-Care with the Three P’s

Lockdown, the pandemic, working from home, Covid-19, the threat of illness and even death have been front and centre since 2020. It’s safe to say, last year really was a doozy. Here at Adeo Group, although we adapted and proved to our clients that we were able to be agile when the world was (and… Read more »

    As some of you may know my daughter, Molly had major cardiac surgery a couple of weeks ago. She has given me permission to write this as she feels as grateful as I do for the support and love we’ve experienced from our family, friends, colleagues, and the NHS. Not only does Molly have a… Read more »

adeo xmas

    This year, it has been a bit personal. We’ve been into each other’s personal space and private lives and had a glimpse of things that many of us don’t like sharing in our “9 to 5” time. I’ve usually kept work and home life very separate, but this hasn’t been the case in… Read more »

Selling During Lockdown- The End of Cold Calling

  My first sales job back in 1997 was ringing people on their landline during EastEnders whilst they were usually having their tea and offering them a ‘free’ kitchen. So, being a sales dinosaur, I can hand-on-heart say that I still love the buzz of a cold call turning into a sale. But 2020 has… Read more »

fake coronavirus apps

FAKE CORONAVIRUS APPS beware. We’re protecting our health with handwashing & social distancing. We also need protect ourselves online as we work from home

Ecommerce is fast becoming the largest growth channel for alcoholic beverage sales and is estimated to increase from its current worth at $21 billion to $45.5 billion by 2024. Just to offer some perspective on these numbers, this means that online alcoholic beverage sales are overtaking the growth rate of total trade over the next… Read more »

    Have a dream or set a goal for your business? Now you don’t have to worry about it because you have the ADEO group beside you: we will do all the hustle to make it happen. You sit back and relax because we have all the technical set-up required for the digital growth… Read more »

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