Christmas 2020? Time for kindness, compassion and gratitude


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This year, it has been a bit personal. We’ve been into each other’s personal space and private lives and had a glimpse of things that many of us don’t like sharing in our “9 to 5” time. I’ve usually kept work and home life very separate, but this hasn’t been the case in 2020. My team have seen the highs as we celebrate in our homes a client win. I’ve shed tears with my team in my living room when we, just like each and every one of you, hit our own personal brick walls. Clients have seen the disaster which is my laundry basket topple behind me. As I said, it’s all been a bit personal.

Adeo Group was well prepared for disruptions and lockdown. We are an agile, strong team full of hard workers who are tech-savvy. I think what has taken us all by surprise is the personal and emotional effect Covid-19 has had on us. Lockdown one, much as it was hard, was in some ways, a novelty. We all asked each other how we were. We showed empathy and kindness to team members, suppliers and clients as we navigated through the unknown and worked together to make the most of the situation.

The second lockdown has been far harder and harsher. I’ve seen so many on autopilot, forgetting the simple things like checking in with each other. I’ve witnessed anger, frustration, and seen a lot less kindness. This isn’t just in work, it’s in all aspects of life. This week in my usual team check in I asked them all to be mindful that, for example, if a client is really angry about something small, they will have a Covid story to tell just like all of us.

As a business leader, I am still unsure of what lasting effect the coronavirus will have on my business and our economy. I do know that this business disruption has and will test everyone’s emotional and social resilience and well-being.

Therefore, as we build up to Christmas and a well-deserved break for those of us lucky enough to have some days off, I have one wish for 2021: keep showing emotional intelligence and guide your teams to demonstrate the same behaviour. Check-in with each other and continue to show kindness, compassion and gratitude.

This resilience and ability to show authentic emotional intelligence will be the greatest business lesson of 2020. Deliver this and relationships with your colleagues, clients, and business as a whole will be better for it.

Here’s to a wonderfully kind 2021.

Susie Fraser

Managing Director

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- Scott McEwan, Chief Executive, Boston Networks

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