Boost Customer Satisfaction A With Click And Collect Service

Click and Collect Ecommerce is changing and improving at a rapid rate with changing technology and retail capabilities. What customers expect today, retailers must follow through immediately with if they want to beat competition. One of the new trends particularly popular in the UK, is the Click and Collect service that many retailers are offering. Click and Collect gives customers the option to pick up purchases wherever and whenever is convenient for them. This means no waiting around at home for a parcel or rushing to the sorting office before it closes if you have missed a delivery.

What customers want from the delivery service?

According to a survey by Postcode Anywhere, in which 2400 respondents were surveyed across the UK, 95 per cent of the participants said they would use click and collect for Christmas shopping in 2014. It is one of the best multi-channel customer services you can offer, where customers want a combination of offline and online conveniences. The majority (80 per cent) of customers who would opt for click and collect would also like the service to be free, so that is something to consider as well.

Can click and collect services increase your Christmas sales?

Absolutely! If you want pointers on how to best offer the service, check out the Argos website. They allow eBay items to be picked up from their stores on the high street. They may also, at this time, offer the best service, with 31 per cent of their online sales being purchased with pay and reserve service. Amazon also offers it, and they have a locker system at self-service pickup stations across the country, from where customers can get their ordered items whenever it is convenient.

Clearly, retailers launching new stores who want to become a bigger part of these Christmas sales and beyond will be wise to open a few delivery centres at several locations. It is a no-brainer that online sales will be big this season. But if you give customers exactly what they want, you are likely to see greater customer satisfaction and also have the chance to operate both in the online and offline worlds.

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