Proof That “Content Marketing” Is Not Just Another 2019 Buzzword.


There’s no denying that digital marketing is essential to a business’ success, seeing as how people look for everything on the web, the web is here to stay, and if a business isn’t on the web, no one will find it. This blog post has been created in order to show you that Content Marketing isn’t just another Buzzword in 2019!

The marketing technique is all in how to get potential customers to follow social media pages and blogs. And when talking about digital marketing, the term “content marketing” is sure to come up along with SEO, online reputation, and even mobile friendliness. There are those who say that “content marketing” is a buzzword, but that doesn’t seem to be true at all. For starters, just take a look at buzzwords.

What is a Buzzword?

A buzzword, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “an important-sounding usually technical word or phrase often of little meaning used chiefly to impress laymen. “ In other words, a buzzword is something that sounds fancy that doesn’t actually mean anything. A second definition is, “a voguish word or phrase” which indicates that buzzwords, whether they mean anything or not, come in and out of style just like mullets. (Were mullets really ever IN style?)
So does “content marketing” even fit the definition of a buzzword? According to Wikipedia, the phrase “content marketing” has been around since at least 1996. That’s twenty years ago. Fads don’t last twenty years. That’s the first big sign that “content marketing” isn’t a buzzword. However, “content marketing” doesn’t fit the definition of “buzzword” at all, because content marketing actually refers to a specific type of marketing practice – it has a real meaning.

What is Content Marketing?

It’s simple: content marketing is the creation of content with the intention of attracting and maintaining customers. The first example of this was practiced by John Deere by publishing the magazine, The Furrow, which was specific to farmers and is still in wide circulation today. As a side note, the phrase “content marketing” might only be twenty years old, but the practice itself has been around since that publication, which was in 1895. That’s more than a hundred years ago.
But content marketing is recommended in plenty other turns of phrase. Advice to start a blog is a type of content marketing. Creating an active social media account is a type of content marketing. Statistics show that marketing on social media is certainly effective, at least if it’s done right. There’s a reason that blogs are frequently recommended as a marketing technique, the same reason. It brings in results.
So if content marketing refers to creating content like blogs and social media, and those are actual strategies that actually work, “content marketing” isn’t an empty, fashionable phrase. Wasn’t there a single word for an empty, fashionable phrase? That’s right, a buzzword. Of course, just taking a peek at who uses the phrase “content marketing” should have been proof enough that it’s not just a buzzword.

“Content Marketing” is Used Universally

It’s used universally and by industry leaders. Across the pond, the UK association once known as The Association of Publishing Agencies changed that mouthful to the Content Marketing Association, and they did it a handful of years ago. A big association like that doesn’t go through all the trouble to re-brand over a buzzword. Look at marketing and publishing agencies who create “custom content” or “custom publishing” – content marketing is all the same stuff, just under a united name, and those whose business it is to create marketable content are using the phrase as a united industrial term because it makes sense.

When “content marketing” is defined, it’s obvious to see that it’s been around for ages, and that it’s a thriving practice today that gets real results; but that’s only the case when the content marketing is done well. To find out how to go about content marketing the right way, you can look at plenty of resources to go into the details of answering questions like “what is content strategy?” or you can reach out to here at Adeo Digital Marketing Agency. Whatever you decide, just remember that this very effective and increasingly popular form of marketing has been around and will probably stay around for quite some time; it’s not coming out of nowhere only to fade back into nothing. Wi that said, we suggest the following to any business and website owner… make your aim to both benefit from and learn how to use it for your internet marketing strategy.


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