Content Marketing Through an Outstanding About Us Page

Content Marketing Businesses often grapple with the problem of writing the About Us page, wondering how to strike the balance between blatant self-promotion and necessary information. Here are some suggestions to help you create the perfect About Us page, and develop an effective content marketing and SEO strategy.



Tips To Create the Best About Us Page

Keep the Introductions Simple

If you are putting up the biography data of the entire management you might end up creating an unwieldy page. You might want to limit the introduction to the person in charge, the department head, or the CEO and some of the key people in the organisation. You can include photos, taken at the workplace or away from it. The photos should follow norms of decorum. You don’t have to be dressed in a formal jacket or suit dress but you should not put up photos that detract from the fact that you are running a professional organisation.

Use Videos and Info-graphics

Text heavy pages can tire readers. You can break the monotony or reduce the text content by creating interesting videos and infographics. This enables readers to form quicker conclusions without trying their patience. Customers tend to skim through the text rather than read it carefully. It is vital to add high ranking keywords and provide relative product or service information to the text.

Discuss the Value Offered to Customers

People are on the page because they want to see if your business or organisation has something useful to offer. The Mission Statement is often a way to tell readers what you aim to provide for them and what your company stands for. If you want to keep the page informal, you can talk about your goals without formatting the text into a mission statement. You might want to discuss past successes, work you did with your clients, and the numbers of happy customers, in brief. For more detailed information on these, do provide a link to the Portfolio or Case Studies page.

Offer a Brief Look into History

Every business has interesting stories to tell about its founders, its early days, its struggles and successes or failures. You might want to include a narrative that offers an interesting peek into the early days of the organisation.

Include Reviews and References

If people have had good things to say about your business, and are willing to have their opinions made public, don’t shy away from subtle promotion by way of references. People are interested in knowing what clients and customers have to say about your products or services, so it is a good idea to have a testimonials or reviews section on the page.

With a few easy steps, you can turn your About Us page into a vehicle for self-promotion, without being too obvious about it.

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