Content Marketing: Make Your PPC Campaign Stand Out

Content Marketing Make Your PPC Campaign Stand Out

Content Marketing Make Your PPC Campaign Stand Out


When it comes to improving the results of a PPC campaign click baits, reverse marketing strategies, intrigue, and what not is put to use, and it does work. It does generate traffic to your website, but that traffic keeps building as long as the campaign runs, or you have a bank account full of enough money to pay for one campaign after the other. Now, what if there was a way that is more engaging and builds your traffic organically? It is content marketing. Cliché? Yes, it does sound like an orthodox way, but with the appropriate techniques, creativity and smart strategy this could become one of the most effective ways to generate manifolds of online traffic via your PPC campaign. Here is how content marketing can become the star of your PPC campaigns;


  1. Content for PPC Ads to Generate Fast and Buildable Traffic:

Normally, organic traffic would comprise only a set number of people who can relate to your brand and its vision within a small locality or area. It is great for initial brand exposure, but what about the rest of the world? The solution is PPC Google ads to attract more people towards your brand who might be looking for what you’re selling. PPC campaigns give a push to your brand online and with equally great content on the ads, a link is established between you and your audience. When both, PPC and content marketing campaigns work hand in hand to target similar keywords, it literally draws more traffic to the website and that too in less time.


  1. Your Website’s Landing Page Is Your Savior!

All hail the landing pages! This really makes or breaks the audience. If your landing page does not provide the ample amount of awareness about your services, products and their use via blog posts, infographics or videos, testimonials, product reviews within the appropriate amount of concise content, your website audience will not bring you leads. An interactive, authentic and informative landing page with creative content that, your audience can relate to, makes your PPC campaign shine bright like a diamond.


  1. Always Know Where Your Brand Stands- Keywords Data For Insights:

You can never know which keyword is working best for your PPC Google ads campaign if you’re not considerate about the insights of keyword data. Keywords inserted well into engaging content via effective SEO can put your PPC campaign in the top spot and drive a lot of traffic to your website. Knowing which keyword works best for your PPC campaign is essential. Commercial keywords inserted in the content works wonders. Ad copies can also be put to great use by gathering keywords of one campaign and transferring them on to the other to get an extra push for the organic traffic.


  1. Make Facebook Ads Feature Your Best Friend:

Once your PPC ads campaign has identified and built a base traffic/audience for your brand, use the Facebook Promote feature to filter and categorise specific audience. Based on this Facebook Audience, Insight data create targeted content and promote your best working posts to this particular audience. This helps a lot with utilising a successful PPC campaign on remarketing to generate more audience for higher leads.


Build Irresistible Tailor made Content - Content is King

Build Irresistible Tailor-made Content – Content is King

  1. Build Irresistible Tailormade Content:

Break free from the shackles of a conventional call to actions and rather create content for your PPC campaigns that engage and conversates with the audience. Tell them that you have the solution to their problem via your well-crafted, unique and precise ad headings/tag lines and they will eventually fall to the genuinely of your content and click on your Google ads. Relevance in your ads campaign keywords and providing what your content claims are very important.


  1. A Mobile-Friendly Website Does Half of the Job:

More than 60% of people across the globe access the internet via tablets and mobile phones. A fast loading, interactive and responsive web design is the primary key to generating more leads. It is altogether different when it comes to mobile phones, and the audience demands a different experience in terms of no pop-ups, clear images, crisp and concise content, clutter-free typography in the design and a clear call to action. Simple, fast and interactive landing page to PPC Google ads really does the sales job for your brand.


  1. Clear Call to Action in Your PPC Campaigns:

A great promotion is the one that offers the audience, incorporated with engaging content, something they cannot consciously deny. Paid articles, blog posts, guest posts, link building posts are all different means to achieve one thing; sales conversions! A clear call to actions at the end of high quality paid content (articles, blog posts, etc.) is one of the many effective practices of generating conversions.


  1. Place a Well Gelled Effort In To Your Campaign:

A successful PPC campaign that drives traffic and conversions for a brand is a product of effective SEO, smart social media marketing and efficient content marketing. A perfect amalgam of all these strategies makes an excellent PPC campaign that is bound to build fast traffic for your brand online and generate revenue.


  1. Social Media Platforms Specific Content:

Every PPC campaign does not work the same way on all social media platforms. Every platform has its specifications in terms of content. Twitter has a word limit for its tweets, Instagram is more focused on images, and Facebook is also bound by a certain amount of content on the image and caption of the posts in order for them to be promoted. Less is always more! The less and direct the content on a promoted post, the number of people are likely to see it. Crafting social media platforms specific content can really build the traffic via PPC campaign for your brand.


PPC Google Ads, boost the online traffic to your website, but harnessing the content marketing in the right way can push the productivity of your campaigns to an even better extent. As they say, “the more, the merrier” so, utilising all aspects of marketing to make your PPC campaign can earn you unimaginable conversions. Adeo group, digital agency Glasgow offers PPC management services along with social media marketing and ads that are bound to make your business a great hit. Our dedicated team of specialists craft every PPC campaign with great precision so that your brand receives its proper attention in the digital market. You can reach out to us on our website for more and we would never disappoint you.

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