Content Marketing to B2C

shutterstock_128810011What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the strategic creation, sharing and use of media and published content with an intention of drawing consumers to try out your products or services. Content marketing for B2C refers to creating high quality and informative content to be published on the company’s website and shared on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter. Some of the B2C communication channels are listed below.

Use of social media platforms

B2C marketers have embraced the use of social platforms with vigour and ambition. The ever- expanding social media community gives a good consumer base/ audience for such marketers. The most used platforms in the order of highest to lowest are as follows: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. On these sites you can develop personalized pages and links to your individual websites that consumers can access and find information about their preferred brands.

Content Publication on your Website

B2C marketers have been known to post relevant brand information on various websites. This information may be in form of published newsletters informing the consumers of changes in products, any offers that they might enjoy and how to get the best deals.

Other B2C tactics used for content marketing

Marketers have also employed the following tactics: e-newsletters publications, publishing on reputable blogs and video sites, making presentations at various events or publishing on other websites.

How best to utilize B2C content marketing?

Content marketing strategies are expected to be improved and expanded to answer to the gaping need. Even though recent years have witnessed more B2C content created, more needs to be done in the quest to personalize content and lure the consumers to the product. It has been noted that B2C marketing uses less case studies, white papers, webinars and research reports in favour of mobile content, website mobile applications, print magazines and print newsletters.

What is the future of B2C content marketing?

Most companies around the world have seen the need to incorporate this form of marketing into their strategy and most have pledged to increase the budgetary allocation to B2C. This will inevitably lead to growth of this scope of marketing.

The importance of relevant marketing in a business cannot be over- emphasized. Any knowledgeable marketer will appreciate that B2C content marketing has taken a great position in the world of marketing. However, any marketing decisions made should put into consideration the kinds of products on sale and the target audience- this should form a base for selection of the most suitable marketing strategy.

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