Crawl Errors – A Red Signal For Your SEO Campaign

Crawl Errors And Why You Need To Be Careful From Them

Crawl Errors And Why You Need To Be Careful From Them


Google Search Console is a tool that is your website’s best friend when it comes to dealing with crawl errors. It does come in handy in monitoring Google website crawling. Crawl errors make your website get lost somewhere in the digital whirlpool and not reach your target audience. So, what’s the point of your digital strategy when it isn’t reaching your target audience? This puts your website’s online position in a spot of crawl errors, and it needs to be fixed. This is what you should know about crawl errors to make the best use of your SEO strategy;


  1. Get Your Hands Dirty With Google Search Console:

If you’re looking for dealing with crawling errors, then you must get the knack of Google Search Console. It’s an online tool which mimics the appearance of your website as it’s viewed by Google. This free tool allows you to find Sitemaps, crawl errors and website traffic all at one dashboard. In the crawl section, you can find crawl stats, errors of URLs and craw errors. It’s a very powerful monitoring tool, to begin with dealing with crawl errors.


  1. Crawl Error and Their Types:

Google and other search engines literally crawl down (visits) every website’s webpage to see for its relevancy, genuinity and quality check. A crawl error is indicated when the search engines aren’t able to reach your website against your URL. These are either site errors or URL errors.

Site Errors: These are the errors when Google can not reach the whole website.

URL Errors: These are the errors when certain webpage of a website cannot be reached.

These errors are known by the name of DNS, Server, Internal and External links and Malware errors. These errors usually get fixed easily; however, some need the professional expertise of a web developer.

Crawl Error and Their Types

Crawl Error and Their Types

Nip The Evil In The Bud; Fix The Crawl Errors:

Crawl errors affect the visibility of your website digitally. It hinders the Google bots from crawling on the website or a web page so that it can appear better on the search engine. Now how to fix these errors? There are multiple go-to error solutions that you can apply if you encounter an error as first aid;

i- Updating problematic external links which do not work with working links can be a great saviour.

ii- Invalid URLs can be a big setback for your webpage, updating them could be a great option.

  • iii- Protection and prevention from malware attacks to ensure well-built web security support Google bots crawling.


  1. SEO and Crawl Errors:

The first and foremost concern of your SEO campaign should be to look after the crawl errors so that it does not affect the ranking of your website on Google search engine. An SEO campaign designed from an SEO specialist can really break the monotony of craw errors for your website.

Crawl errors can really be the death of your online business due to an ill-designed SEO campaign and a poorly developed website. Therefore, the expertise of a digital agency is crucial for an online business. Adeo Group is one of those digital agencies in Glasgow who have gained accolades owing to the services that we provide. We are known to be an SEO expert Glasgow and have high-end result bearing PPC Management services.  Social media marketing and website designing and development are also our forte. You can reach out to us for your customised SEO plan for dealing with crawl errors today, and we shall get you the online ranking your online business deserves.


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