How to Create Engaging Content for your Website?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing and the Art of Skimming

Unbelievable but it is true. Around 79% of readers scan a web page instead of reading it word for word. This is according to the research performed by Nielsen Norman Group in relation to content marketing. When it comes to a typical web page, a reader has time to read at least 28% of the words on the page. But only 20% is most likely to be covered. Another surprising thing about the art of skimming is that readers focused on the left side of the page. An estimate of 69% of readers did so.

How Do You Write Effective Text for A Blog, Landing Page or Website?

Focus on making it simple and concise. Use as few words as possible but to the point. Keep the inverted pyramid diagram in mind. Start with the conclusion or the most important point first. Then follow this point with less vital points or elaboration. Some people tend to make subjective statements or use a great deal of superlatives. This puts many readers off. The key is to allow the reader to read the web page and make his very own judgment or decision. Nobody likes to be pushed in any way. So be objective in your writing. Rather than cramming a paragraph with many ideas, use the concept of one idea per paragraph. This makes it easier for the reader to take it in.

What about the Content Structure for Marketing?

Whenever possible, use subheadings that are not only meaningful and attention-grabbing but also clear. This kind of subheadings gives a bonus – SEO. Remember that most readers skim the web page, not read. So if it is possible, add bulleted lists. And don’t forget to highlight keywords and key phrases. This is the trick to gain readers’ attention and convey your message effectively. You also benefit in terms of SEO. Try to use a lower word count than what is considered to be a norm.

According to Jakob Nielsen of Nielsen Norman Group, readers prefer credibility. This is in contrast to what is perceived by many content marketers and what can be found on various web pages, promotional content. Readers have their own share of intelligence. They want information or content from a trustable source. The way to imply that your content has credibility is to focus on good writing, add high quality images and outbound hypertext links to reliable sources. Inclusion of such links gives a chance for the reader to verify the sources. It also gives the impression that you are not afraid to show your sources.

Considering how many readers prefer to sweep their eyes in an F pattern across a web page, the key is to write in such a way that it caters to the art of skimming. Since the main purpose of the content is for advertising or marketing, the trick is to gain and hold readers’ attention. Bulleted lists, concise and objective writing with one idea per paragraph concept not to mention meaningful subtitles, highlighted key phrases and credibility is what effective content marketing is about today.

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