Create your next Social Media Promotion with Paid Search and Social Ads

Promoting events via paid search and social ads is one of the smartest social media marketing strategies. Events can be of different types ranging between corporate, social, community or charity. Each event demands a specialised social media advertising campaign targeting and engaging the relevant audience. Tapping into the correct audience can be a tricky task, but not an impossible one. Here are some of the ways you can promote your next event by keeping in mind the following few tips and tricks. 


Strategise Your Social Media Campaign

Never start a social media campaign without knowing what you’re going to dive into. Start with identifying the type of events which can be put on paid search such as webinars, openings/reopening sales events, etc. Once you have identified the type of event that you want to promote, the planning phase is half done for your social media marketing. You then need to allocate a separate budget for an event campaign instead of making it part of the mainstream paid campaigns, this way, it will keep the whole process hassle-free and more productive. 

Know Your Audience!

The first step of any social media campaign which involves using paid social ads is to know your audience. You should be very clear about who is the target audience you want to tap into. Facebook Ads allow you to carefully choose the age group, gender, ethnicity, and interests of the people you want to target, you can also target by geographical location. This is a very powerful tool as it provides you with real-time analytics of the relevant audience that is most likely to engage with your paid ad for event promotion. So, do your audience research well as it works as the stepping stone for your complete paid social event promotion campaign. 

Bring SEO into the mix.

If you have SEO skills or can bring an SEO expert into play, it can give your social media event campaign great leverage. SEO would allow your events page to align with similar events in the same or near locations in Google search. Event-related specific keywords can amp up your event search and hence give you a better attendance/participation/registration of the event. 

Create an Event Social Media Ad Copy

An event is nothing if it does not have appealing ad copy. Precise, attractive, and minimal ad copy always works best when boosted on social media platforms. In fact, social media platforms such as Facebook provide guidelines on creating ad copy that would do best on the platform. Harnessing the potential of designing great ad copy can lead to an exceptional turnout for the event. This ad copy should contain the time, date, location, and background of the event very clearly in order for it to work well against the paid event boosting/marketing. 

Create Brand Awareness  

Most brands approach social events as part of their brand launch or brand awareness strategy. Social media marketing for social events especially for businesses helps a great deal in creating a brand buzz in the market. These events usually have people visiting them and engaging with the services or products of the brand. Gaining audience attention for the event on social media can be through adding an event countdown button on the event posts, asking the audience to share email addresses for a special invite or registration link, and creating early bird or group discounts for event registration. 

These are some of the tips, however, you can explore the subject on your own to have a more in-depth grasp before starting a paid campaign for an event. Planning always makes things easy and once you’ve planned your social media marketing strategy, you can make use of paid ads and PPC services more efficiently. The whole marketing process has a great role of creativity in it, so you must allow your creativity based on the market surveys to flow and try out-of-the-box social events campaigning for gaining better output. 

If you don’t have time to do this research effectively before marketing or promoting your event, then get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


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