Creating Website Landing Pages

Spending money through PPC can be even more costly if your site doesn’t deliver what the user is looking for when they arrive at your site.

A few tips to avoid when choosing and creating your landing pages.

1. Give them exactly what they have asked for, I recently picked up on a story of a grandmother who specified that she wanted a Wii version of Beatles: Rock Band when she typed her query into Google. The query returned a list that included a familiar store. She happily clicked on the link, but the store’s landing page didn’t present the Wii version of the game as the first result. “The site [wavered] on the platform, presenting a decision our shopper didn’t know she needed to make.

Two problems arise from this, one she could have bought the wrong version or two realised that it was the wrong console and gone somewhere else.

2. Give the User Help, Shoppers like to be guided, present them with options and routes you would like them to take. Suggest top sellers, you may also be interested in as long as these are relevant to the product they have landed on.

3. Give them exactly what they searched for, I know that’s the same as number 1, but i can’t stress this enough. You only have a few seconds to capture potential customers and if the messages you present them on screen aren’t right they will be out of there as quick as they arrived.

4. Check your analytics, monitor the bounce rates on your landing pages and do some split testing to see how you can improve the conversion of that page. When making changes don’t change to much at once as you won’t know what changes worked and what changes didn’t.

Doing some of these simple things can really help you ROI.

If you would like any more information on this feel free to contact us and see how we could possibly help you out.

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