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What Have We Done For Our Clients?


Increase in revenue


Increase in conversions


Increase in conversion rate

What Our Clients Say About Adeo

Highly recommend! Fantastic team who work their socks off to help businesses grow

Adeo have been the driving force behind the marketing plan, carefully plotting a strategy through Google AdWords, SEO and other novel approaches to generate sales.

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We Get You Buyers & Not Browsers

Google advertising is the fastest strategy to grow your leads and sales.

However, it can be hard to make profitable due to the high level of competition online. That’s why we don’t just optimise your PPC campaigns; we build high-converting landing pages to optimise your conversion rate and skyrocket profits from your PPC advertising. We’re also an official Google Partner meaning our team of advertising pros have been trained to Google standard when handling your ads.

How Are We Different?

We don’t just optimise your Ad campaigns for clicks, we also optimise your website conversion rate to ensure we’re converting as many browsers into buyer as possible – squeezing every drop of value from your campaign, squeezing every drop of value from your campaign, lowering the cost per conversion, to make digital marketing profitable for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social ads can help accelerate growth by attracting new followers or increase the reach of your content by sponsoring posts. We create unique tailored “audiences” who are likely to buy. We create and manage campaigns that generate leads. This is achieved by utilising all the tools available, creating multiple ads and optimising the best suited to the audience and the brand. We send out leads magnets, free helpful advice or useful information to your target market that brings potential clients into a sales funnel, we then follow up with laser focused remarketing to help them through the consideration phase of the buying cycle. This method provides unparalleled targeting options and amazing returns

A Digital Agency Focused On Results


Increase in revenue


Increase in social acquisition


Return on Ad Spend

What Our Clients say

Fantastic team who work their socks off to help businesses grow.

I have used Adeo group now for over 7 years and i could not be happier.

An excellent, professional and personal service from start to finish.

Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation is not just about saving time and being more efficient, the benefits are far greater. Marketing automation enables businesses to nurture the clients through the sales cycle from awareness to brand ambassadors. It helps to cross-sell, up-sell, and improve customer loyalty.

Nurture relationships. Inform and delight visitors that aren’t ready to buy. 98% of your traffic will not convert on the first click. This means you need a process – lead nurturing – to remain front of mind until they are sales ready. Nursing potential clients can result in more sales leads at lower cost per lead.

Improve Your customers worth. Stay front of mind and be a trusted, expert by informing the clients with insightful and useful information that adds value. Showcase other services to more, retain that client and leave them happy.

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Getting digital marketing campaigns to be profitable can be hard work if you don’t have the know-how or experience. If you have set up your campaign yourself, to dip your toe in the water and give it a go, it’s likely you are bidding on irrelevant and costly keywords – that are simply burning your budget. Or, if you have an Ad agency running it for you – it’s likely they are simply focusing on clicks and traffic, however that doesn’t pay the bills. Where we’re different is we focus on conversions and revenue.

Our strategy is to send traffic to standalone, high-converting landing pages that’s converts. Ensuring direct-response copywriting and design to ensure this hard-working landing page is generating you as many leads and sales as possible.

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