13 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to grow your Ecommerce online store.

Every e-commerce company needs a proper digital marketing plan. The challenge is rather to give you “on a plate” 10 Ideas re-marketing strategies that will work for your e-commerce and allow you to gain additional sales.

Let us discover them without further delay.

# 1 – Putting negative visitors to your site to win new customers

Some marketing strategies focus only on recruiting and winning new customers. In this case, you want to invest only in people who “do not know you,” those left to conquer. This remarketing strategy is for you.

You can quickly put negative in your campaigns all the people who already know your brand. Specifically, your advertising will not fire for users who have not visited your site.

# 2 – Exclude your “rotten” traffic from your ads

Advertising for your e-commerce is often a must. Yes but now, you do not want to spend a single euro on people who have “clearly” showed that they were not interested in your offer.

Remarketing will allow you to refocus your efforts; you just have to isolate via Google Analytics “traffic worthless,” and then exclude it from your advertising campaigns. You can imagine all the variants that stick to your e-commerce:

• Users who bounced on your website,
• Those who stayed less than 1 min,
• Those who see no more than three pages,
• Those who have not exceeded the pages categories,
• Those who belong to a catchment area that you do not use Etc.

#3- Make offers according to the profile of your audience, via segments Googles Analytics for example

Relevance is often the key to a good conversion rate. Indeed, no need to push a woman’s shorts or mascara to a man. Google Analytics allows you to isolate your traffic very precisely, according to socio-demographic or behavioral criteria on your website. Enjoy it.

# 4 – Helping visitors who saw your offer but did not add anything to the cart

Sometimes it’s hard to decide…You return one time, two times, three times, ten times on a site, but do not convert still. Brands should treat these prospects differently than others.

For example, you can isolate the visitors who have 3 or more sessions on your site, but no addition cart to date.

# 5 – Long selling cycles: accompany your loyal visitors towards the final decision

Some buying cycles are longer than others, take the B2B for example; We do not commit an investment of 10 000 € in a new IT solution as we buy a brief under 10 €.

If your business is in this configuration, you can use remarketing to “push” to these potential customers content that can advance them in their buying cycle:

• Case studies,
• Comparative studies,
• Research that can help them make the best decision for them,
• Content that educates them to use your products.

6 Web Strategies

The Leading Web Marketing Leverage Essential for Success in E-commerce is Strategy!

The digital strategy allows:
Determine business objectives for your site: ROI, the number of VU / month, the number of orders, conversion rate, average basket…
Identify the marketing actions to be implemented to achieve these objectives by implementing a marketing plan

7- SEO natural / SEO

Natural SEO, which is a technique to improve the visibility of its website.

Two important words:

– positioning (position the pages of its site on the first results pages on certain “keywords”)

– Submission (make known its site with the research tools)

Tools such as SemRush, Majestic SEO or SeeURank exist to analyze the positioning of your site, blocking factors, backlinks, SEO technique … To summarize, SEO is a safe bet because it binds the popularity of your site, BUT it is expected to produce a long-term work that will pay, indeed, but after a few months.

8- Paid SEO / SEA

Paid SEO also called SEA, is a marketing leverage exploited to make its site known on the search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). It is an ideal way to generate visits, make your site known, gain notoriety, maximize sales increase the average basket and make a push for its brand.

To make it simpler, this is all the paid campaigns that you are going to set up. The various existing possibilities are PPC, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Advertising, Viadeo, YouTube (via AdWords), Twitter.

9- The display

The display is buying advertising on the internet on high-audience sites. It is simply traditional advertising adapted to the world of the Web. The operation is the same as for a magazine: you are a company that wants to advertise in a magazine, so you must buy a space that will be more or less expensive depending on the location. The purchase of advertising space is much cheaper on the Net than on TV or Print, and returns are easily measurable.

10- Email Marketing

Emailing is a lever for acquiring visits. The e-mail was, basically, a simple way to interact with other individuals. It has quickly become a coveted marketing gear, synonymous with personal communication and exchanges with customers.

Email marketing has two primary functions: prospecting (acquisition of traffic, leads, notoriety) and loyalty.


11- Retargeting / remarketing

It is an Internet targeting technique that targets users based on their past behavior on a site, a network of sites or in the face of advertising. Depending on his / her age and interests, the user receive advertisements, or editorial content adapted to his / her personality, after analyzing the pages he visited or the products he purchases via the net. All this to demonstrate the affinity and attractiveness of the product or brand presented to the user.

12- Price Comparison

Price comparators were particularly popular with customers: targeted search, choice of several stores at the same time. Price comparisons have become a source of information that makes customers more and more demanding.

It is, therefore, advisable to make partnerships with individual price comparisons, to optimize the chances of being “chosen” by the Internet user.

13- Affiliation

What is an affiliation and what is its principle?

Affiliation is a partnership allowing a web Merchandise to advertise on an offer or promotion via publishing sites which, as the name indicates, publishes the offers of web merchandise on their sites.


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