Digital Marketing Strategy for Effective Business Growth

Digital Marketing Strategy for Effective Business Growth

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, simply put, is the art of marketing the products on offer, by means of digital networking via the internet on any technological medium. With the advent of smartphones and other extraordinary sites, almost everything is online! So it’s essential to create an effective Digital Marketing plan and strategy to give an online business a boost it deserves.

Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation and practice:

The name Digital Marketing came into existence in 1990s. It was developed in 1990s, with the creation of Archie Search Engine for FTP sites as their index, and ever since this has been advancing and becoming matured in terms of its use. It has changed the global marketing as they have been behind the downfall and rise of various brands and products. Now, why digital marketing is important for your businesses?  Being efficient, fast and user friendly, digital marketing has become rapid means of advertisement for brands, products, business ventures as well as a means of increasing TRPs for shows, events, movies etc. Gone are the days when people would walk and look around at the billboards or read newspapers, people are usually found staring at their phones now!

Marketing Elements Effective Strategies:

The most common and essential methods used in digital marketing are;

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);

it’s the mechanism of optimizing the available material, website searching, and technicalities in a way that the pages that we are to be shown will be displayed on the search engine in contrast for a specific keywords.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM);

it’s the management of the procedure that occurs in SEO, Social Media Marketing and Optimisation; by means of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, various other social media platforms have become more and more precise in digital marketing. Moreover, it doesn’t extend to just internet channels, but to the use of cellular text messages and multimedia messages, ring tones etc also.

Paid Search or Pay-per-click; they are easily accessed in ways that are displayed like billboards on various websites. Email is also a potent digital marketing platform that has been in the service for quite some time now. It is being used as means for communication as well as marketing. There are some core attributes that are taken into consideration for e-mail marketing as not every e-mail is going to catch the attention of customers.


Blogging has vastly increased in terms of voicing opinions as well as mode of digital advertisement. Bloggers are now paid to give reviews of products, restaurants (food items, decor, and environment etc). Moreover, web analytics are paid to give an analytical report on particular content. As blogging is quite popular now, V-logging is equally trendy among youngsters, celebrities. It is videographical means for entertaining the public, but is equally a source of marketing for various products, events, business ventures etc. This is known as the influencer marketing.

Digital Marketing Techniques:

Furthermore, social media with the podcast and live streaming feature added to their application has increased the means of marketing for setting globally accustomed costumers. These are vastly used for marketing and selling products/services. Celebrities are being sponsored to visually campaign their products on social media in their posts, stories and on live streaming as well.

The consumer engagement strategies mentioned above are all efficient platforms for advertising and flourishing online businesses through. As we have seen the power of digital media and its influence on public sector, the content advertised on the social media platforms is intentionally or unintentionally formulating a mind-set that enables the public to become an easy costumer or bait at times.

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