Digital Video Marketing Changing the Social Media Marketing Game



Digital Video Marketing Changing the Social Media Marketing Game

Digital Video Marketing Changing the Social Media Marketing Game


The digital world is relying more and more on visual content nowadays. As we all are digging deeper and deeper in our daily grind, our attention span is reducing equally. Today none of us has enough time to sit in front of a desktop or a laptop screen and encourage the advertisement popups. Therefore, visual content promotion via video marketing has been declared as the revolution in the social media marketing world. Here is how digital video marketing is changing the social media marketing game and why you need to focus on it to promote your brand;


  1. Video Marketing against Contemporary Website Marketing:

Websites are gradually moving from just verbose content to video-based precise content at quite a rapid pace. Owing to short attention span, low adherence to the lengthy content, adding videos on your website can easily generate traffic for your website. Video advertising on your every page telling what this webpage is about can really seal the deal for your website.


  1. The Most Progressive Mode of Marketing:

The digital video marketing has easily become an industry of $7 billion within a very short time span. Attractive banners and short ads do present a great way of generating traffic, but they cannot replicate the results a video ad brings. Companies around the globe have upgraded 80% of their social media marketing budgets, specifically in terms of video marketing. Your competitors might already be exploring this area, and your brand should do it too to maintain a top position in the market.


  1. Seal the Deal with a great Video ad:

Video ads are easily known to be one of the quickest ways of connecting with your target audience. It tells the audience about your story, the brand, and why they should avail your services. A great video ad can create a long-lasting relation with your target audience. It allows your audience to connect with you on a more personal level than simple words on your website can tell.


  1. The Shorter, The Better:

Nobody has got long hours to spend on a single website or a web page. A fast loading and quick playing video ad is the best way to generate more traffic for more conversions. A 30 seconds or a minute long quirky, to the point video, is better than a documented video, because your audience wants to know what your brand I about and they want to know quick. Well placed call to actions throughout or by the end of the video really pack a great deal.


  1. Make the Most of Outstream Videos:

Outstream videos are the best and easiest way to encourage your target audience to stick by your video ad. It plays automatically when a visitor reaches near it on a webpage and pauses automatically when the same user scrolls away from that video. It allows more brand awareness, conversion potential and definitely generating useful customer data.

Video marketing for social media marketing is an unbreakable bond that is bound to generate results. And this bond is here to stay. You can generate more leads for your brand by hiring the right people for the right job. You can avail video marketing, PR and content, PPC management and SEO search engine optimization services by ADEO, a digital agency, based in Glasgow and London. We are an award-winning company who promise results for your brand.

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