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For many years the ability to register domains with inaccurate, false or limited information has resulted in the mis-use of domains for phishing and spamming, illegal activities and ownership of domain name disputes. Fake domains pose a real challenge for authorities, registrars and customers in hunting down the true owner. Thanks to ICANN, now these issues will soon be a thing of the past. ICANN, a non-profit private organisation tasked with controlling the domain name system that allows the modern worldwide web, has geared up to put an end to problems created due to registration of domains using false credentials.

Until now, if you registered a domain name, your details would be available for public access on the WHOIS service. Although this process is incredibly helpful to check the authenticity of the ownership of the domain, it also has a major setback. The WHOIS service can be accessed by anyone. Genuine owners who share their email addresses are prone to junk and spam emails. This usually prevents registrars from sharing any valuable information. The ICANN’s recent update on gTLD domain name procedures, which propose to scrap WHOIS by limiting information access to only certain approved users, changes this scenario.

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Though this proposed plan is still in its early stages and will be highly debated, there is a possibility of ICANN suspending all the domain names that have incorrect or out of date information. For the past few years, ICANN have been actively tidying up the registration of domains by contacting the registrants and asking them to update, correct and provide valid information. All the domains where the owners are not available for contact have been suspended permanently.

Now, more than ever, individuals and companies with registered domains should focus on validating their WHOIS information, making it up-to-date. The good news is, if you are our customer, we will make this task easy and simple for you. In case, you haven’t registered your domains with us yet, you can always transfer them to us and benefit from our excellent services at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for?

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