Drive More Local Visitors To Your Website: Strategies To Improve Your Local Branding


Drive More Local Visitors To Your Website: Strategies To Improve Your Local Branding

Drive More Local Visitors To Your Website: Strategies To Improve Your Local Branding


Branding is not a technique or a skill that can be learned overnight; it’s an art which demands time, effort and a lot of trails. An ace branding strategy can change the whole game for an online business, and its first target audience has to be the local one. Driving and then redirecting a brand-appropriate local audience is crucial for any online business as these are the people your brand is going to hit first.

Local Branding: A Precursor To Escalate Your Online Traffic

Here is a small guide of local branding tips for attracting a local audience for your business or a client’s ;


  • 1- Observe, Research and Act:

Local branding is all about behaviour learning! Learning what your native audience looks for online, where they come from and any concentration areas of their likings, dislikings, demands, all this information is of prime importance when it comes to designing a local branding strategy.


  • 2- Know Your Competitors Well:

When it comes to targeting a local audience via a local branding strategy, you will find a lot of brands targeting the same audience; some with similar services you or your client wish to provide. Studying these brands and their strategies can give your brand the edge it wants to stand out. Always look for unorthodox ways your competitors haven’t tried yet that you can try via your unique branding strategy and attract your target audience.


  • 3- Market Research Is the Way to Start!

If you wish to attract your local masses, it is crucial that you do a market survey! Quite more than often, many marketing agencies fail at performing a substantial market survey and go about launching the brand to either the wrong people or the ones who have a lot of better options. Knowing your target population’s geographical location, their preferred source of availing services (online or physical), size of your local market, amount of competitors and is your brand going to supply something which is in demand or is deficit will pave the way for setting up your or your client’s profile.


  • 4- The Yields of a Market Survey:

Once you have a baseline information of your local audience with the help of market research, you move on to creating an ideal client profile which serves as a detailed survey which will provide your clients insights of their top 3 problem areas, solutions that have been tried already, likes-dislikes about these solutions, brand  values they mostly look for, how they decide on working with a brand and some baseline socio-demographic data such as age, income level, social media platforms they mostly use and search engines they use for looking out for brands.


This information from the clients/audience drives the whole branding strategy. You can design the following components of  your branding strategy via this information;

Your brand’s unique identity, it’s selling point,

The services you should provide that will serve your audience the best.

The tone in which you can engage and interact with your audience via your marketing strategies or your website’s content.

The potential social media platforms which are used by your audience and you should focus your branding on.

Knowing all these things certainly puts a brand one step ahead of the competition, because it allows you to come up with a more targeted and specific approach rather than being all over the place.


  • 5- Create a Brand Message and Then Stay True To It:

You will always find all the brand gurus raving about one thing for sure, and that is “have a brand message that resonates with your target audience”. It is as true as a word of the bible while designing local braiding strategies. Once you have known your target audience/clients enough via a successful market survey, your brand message should reflect your unique selling message, your audience’s preferred tone, the benefits your brand will bring to the audience and of course, the right call-to-action you would want your audience to do.


Local Based Marketing

Local Based Marketing


  • 6 – Local SEO is your Best Friend:

SEO gives the leap of success to all the online brands and a targeted local SEO works the same way, but only on a targeted population of a targeted local geographic area. The prerequisites of a good local SEO strategy must consist of a fast loading interactive website design which is mobile-friendly, well-searched and targeted on-page keywords, citation building on similar local directories, a well-optimised business profile on Google+ to attract authentic clients, link building on authoritative websites, focus keywords in local audience-friendly content. It is essential for your SEO strategy to incorporate all of these components to design a productive branding strategy.


  • 7- Align your Brand Value with Other Brands:

A lot of times, local audiences like to rely on orthodox and conventional methods of marketing like newspaper, electronic media for availing services and do not have sufficient online base. This is where partnering with other brands comes in to play. Creating a mutually benefitting “give and take” relationship with other local brands can enhance both the brands’ sales. As long as both brands have similar brand values, the results would be fruitful.


  • 8- Identify Your Local Audience’s Preferred Social Media Platforms and Hit them:

A lot of brands fall into the trap of mastering all the social media platforms at one time for their brand, and that is when they lose sight of precision. Once you have identified which social media platform your local audience uses the most, its time for you to post relevant, engaging and attractive social media content on that platform. No algorithm cracking is going to help you if your content isn’t what your audience wants to see.


  • 9- PPC – Your Best Way of Generating Leads:

You can certainly boost your SEO marketing strategy outcomes by incorporating a PPC ads campaign. It will work in union with your targeted keywords at Google or Facebook. Google ads work on the terms that the users type to search for something. Whereas, Facebook ads allow you to redirect your target audience on your website. These come with filters of age groups, geographic areas and people you want to target specifically. PPC is one of the most efficient ways to up your local branding game.

Local branding can easily prove to be the best thing for funnelling your online business if right strategies are put to action and for that appropriate local market’s understanding, market research and a strong brand message are essential. If you are looking for an award-winning local SEO Digital Marketing Agency Glasgow to provide you with top quality SEO services and a top-notch local SEO strategy; ADEO is your go-to place. We listen to what your business is about, what you want to achieve and then design your customised social media marketing strategy. We offer PPC management Google Adwords and specialised SEO services all at one place. Reach out to us today to know more about our deals, packages and unlimited customer-friendly services.

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