Driving SEO Results Using Cloud Hosting.

For any business with a plan of expanding its territories, switching to cloud based computing services is always one way of accelerating its plans. It is an efficient way of fast tracking business plans. The idea of using SEO in boosting revenue and increasing online presence is yet another common trend in the corporate arena. Critical investment in SEO has resulted to robust growth in SEO. Interestingly, the existing link between SEO and cloud hoisting is what many entrepreneurs and business owners have taken advantage of to foster the growth of their companies. So how does cloud hosting affect SEO and how best can one take advantage of the influence to drive critical SEO results?

How Cloud Hosting Impacts SEO Ranking?

Server Downtime

The level of server downtime has a direct impact on the SEO. When the server is down, search engines are not able to crawl through and locate your website. Eventually, users will not be able to access your website. Websites with higher rates of server downtime have their rankings affected by this fact. Cloud hosting reduces the possibility of server downtime. Unlike physical hosting, cloud hosting involves the website being hosted on several servers. When one is down, the other one picks up automatically. In the end, you will be able to enjoy an impressive server uptime, which is likely to have a positive impact on SEO results.

The Web Responsive Advantage

With each growing day, there is increase in the number of people using mobile phones to access the internet. In the past, many websites have focused on being highly responsive to be able to provide seamless user experience. The recent Google algorithm update dubbed Mobilegeddon emphasized the entire concept. A cloud-hosted website has a competitive advantage when it comes to site responsiveness. Consult any Chicago SEO company expert and you will be told that websites hosted on the cloud are able to access advanced data and analytics regarding mobile web. With such available data, companies are able to craft winning SEO strategies. Worth noting, cloud hosting makes it easier accessing this data as compared to physical hosting.

Page Load Time

User experience is one of the key metrics when it comes to search engine rankings. Google and other search engines take into consideration various aspects in determining general user experience. How long it takes to load a single page tends to be one of those factors critical min assessing the experience of a user. Necessarily, websites with lower loadspeed are likely to be affected.
Cloud hosting makes it possible for resources allocated for your website to be distributed across several servers making up the cloud system. This way, related processes like loadspeed is enhanced and made faster as compared to situations in which the website is hosted on a single physical server. With faster loadspeeds, the site visitors will have a better user experience, which will eventually have a direct impact on search engine rankings. For any business, investing in cloud hosting gives you a competitive advantage of enjoying better loadspeeds. You won’t have to spend so much on premium web hosting packages.

Hosting Location

The location of hosting company or servers is yet another critical aspect that affects SEO results. Most search engines offer preference to locally hosted sites. For instance, someone searching for a product in Europe is more likely to get many results with.eu ranked higher than any other hosting name. To make this even, many traditional companies have found themselves buying or renting servers in the designed markets instead of using a common server across various parts of the world.
Cloud hosting services make the deal even sweeter and better. Cloud platform enjoys a greater presence in different parts of the world. In essence, cloud-hosted sites have no geo-located footprints. Whether .au or .com hosted on the cloud servers, there wouldn’t be any worry of local hosting problems. Hosting your website on the cloud gives you an even opportunity with locally hosted sites. In the process, you will be able to drive thriving SEO results the easier way.

BOT Protection

Malicious automated scripts (commonly referred to as bots) have negative influence on sites. Take for instance the scraping bots. They can easily duplicate unwanted content thereby affecting the SEO results. Yet again, there are the spamming bots which are which also Since the security of a site is key to search engine rankings, consistent attack by bots have a negative influence on SEO outcomes. Perfect cloud hosting services offer guaranteed protection against spamming bots and scraping bots. In the end, one realizes that cloud hosting is efficient when it comes to guaranteeing protection of hosted sites. Cloud hosting also offers protection against other bots making it a viable solution for hosting different websites.

So Much More

Ideally, cloud-hosting services come with an array of benefits besides the highlighted ones. According to Nirmal of Web Design Agency, other advantages like utility style costings and reliability have also move people to adopt cloud hosting services. With cloud based hosting, there is faster response to various concerns including those affecting SEO. With several tools and dedicated staff, cloud hosting has proved to be an essential aspect of every SEO campaign. Today, the quest for search engine optimisation dominance starts with cloud based hosting. Cloud hosting has changed the way people conduct online businesses.

Tested and Proven

There are several ways of boosting SEO results within a limited time. However, switching to cloud hosting services has proven to be one of the fastest and most effective ways of achieving. With so much to benefit from, you have every reason to do what it takes and switch to cloud hosting. The future belongs to website owners who believe in the power of embracing technology. You do not have to wait until it is too late to take advantage of such opportunities. At the end of the day, every business should put in greater efforts to ensure continued web dominance and improved SEO rankings. If you have never given I any consideration, this is the ideal time!
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