AR Wine Bottles?! How Does Your Packaging Stand Out? The ultimate guide to product packaging design Ideas

If you sell online you may – quite rightly – spend the majority of your time thinking about the look of your products. But have you ever given similar consideration to your product packaging? This is all part of your overall branding and should not be overlooked.

Custom packaging offers a great way to stand out and win the hearts of your customers. In fact, a recent survey found 60% of customers said they would share a product image on social media if they thought it looked nice.

By customizing your product packaging you can help to tap into this free word of mouth advertising, enhance your brand image, ensure your customers feel special, and improve your brand’s recall factor.

The food and drink industry is the best example for using packaging design to promote their products,  competing with so many similar to the eye (most gins look the same when you take away the packaging) each brand needs to stand out! We’ve included some of our favourites throughout this blog.


Bespoke bottles designs are now often getting used in upcycling projects. Just check this new use for Hendricks Gin.

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We recently came across an online survey by Shorr conducted among 422 adult online shoppers offering some amazing insights into the minds of customers and the importance of packaging in 2016. So, if you haven’t yet seriously considered the importance of your business’s packaging, this article will shed light on how you can make the most of it as a branding tool.

Customers Notice Your Custom Package Design

Your package is the first thing customers’ notice when they get your product. An impression about your brand is formed within 100 milliseconds. Even though your product might be excellent, this impression is going to remain intact in their minds. When asked, how likely do you notice custom design package while receiving a product? 42% of the participants answered they were most likely to notice.

If you are able to make this initial impression a positive one, you will only help reinforce a positive impression of your overall brand. Personalized boxes, paper and invoices all help to portray the right image. Depending on your business, a handwritten note or business card can also be a great addition. You may even want to team up with a complimentary business and add samples to your box as is often done by ASOS who include snacks and beauty samples from similar brands. A packaging collaboration could also be the perfect way to market, Vivienne Westwood designed this limited edition bottle for Chivas Regal.

Customers Prefer Easy-To-Open Packages

When asked what the most annoying or irritating factors of a item are, more than half (55%) of respondents said hard-to-open packages. Excessive and damaged packages were the next irritating factors.

Thanks to social media, your product package is exposed to a larger audience as people are now recording videos of unboxing an item they buy or receive. While this gives the chance to boost your brand image and sales, it could also have the opposite effect if the packaging is poor quality.

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Social media also makes it more likely for photos of poor quality packaging to be shared. You should be aware of your brand at every stage – packaging included! Sell expensive products, then you shouldn’t use cheap packaging. Seems simple, but this is often overlooked.

Customers Like to Show Off Custom Design Packages

People who spend more than £150  are more likely to share your product with their family, friends, and coworkers. 43% of participants with a monthly spend of £150 said they do so when compared to 39% of customers who spend anywhere between £50 to £150.

Branded or fancy packaging  exceeds customers expectations and creates a memorable experience. This AR packaging from 19 Crimes blows our mind (and it’s a damn fine wine!).  But it definitely intrigues customers enough to buy a bottle.

Customers Link Custom Package Design with The Product Quality and Value

51% of the respondents associated custom package design with the value of the product (much higher than the 32% of the participants who felt it didn’t make a difference). If your brand cares about custom package design, it is can be an indication that your brand will also equally give the same attention to the quality of your product. This can be particularly important for first time purchases.


How Can You Use This Information?

If you are serious about your eCommerce website then you should be aware of all the elements which will help you build a solid business. One of these attributes is the perception of your brand. You should make a point to keep this consistent in every channel possible from your products, website, email signature, business card and packaging.

If you ship your products in something other than a plain box or packet your customers will be more likely to share images on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc) again helping to get your brand out there and hopefully increase the number of sales.


What do you think about custom packaging? Do you use it for your  business?

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