Ecommerce for Alcoholic Beverages: The Fastest Growing Trade

Ecommerce is fast becoming the largest growth channel for alcoholic beverage sales and is estimated to increase from its current worth at $21 billion to $45.5 billion by 2024.

Just to offer some perspective on these numbers, this means that online alcoholic beverage sales are overtaking the growth rate of total trade over the next 5 years.

To answer your question at this point: Yes, we can see the pound signs growing in your eyes. Frankly, we’re just surprised they weren’t there before.

Indeed, brand owners and retailers alike are not deaf to this progress – more and more are taking advantage of this growing trend of consumers turning to the internet to purchase their booze.

Most now recognise ecommerce itself as a discrete market to be exploited and we are seeing exponential growth in new ideas, technologies and innovations that make this market the giant it is today.

So, what does that mean for you?

Well, first of all, it means that you need to make sure your digital game is exceptional. We’re talking digital marketing, social media, ads, web look, PR etc.

Second of all, it means, you could make a lot of money if you get the right people on your team.

We’re about to get to the part where we plug our own services, but first, take a look at what we’ve done for one of our favourite clients, Eden Mill:

We built their website. It looks like this ⇓



We’ve created stunning video content for their website and social platforms. It looks like this ⇓



With our digital skills working alongside their great product, we’ve helped Eden Mill become one of the big players on the gin and alcohol ecommerce game.

Now, here’s the part where we plug our own services.

You should work with us, because we not so humbly think we’re pretty great at what we do. And our clients think so too, that’s why we’re the UK’s number one recommended agency for web development.

We are strategic, creative, techy, geeky, and we like a good laugh – and our clients put their trust in us because they know we will achieve the outcome they want.

Call 0141 218 4422 to speak to an ADEO Groupie about the outcome you want, today.

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I would definitely recommend Adeo for a high quality and professional service, and for those looking to really take their website to the next level!

- Conor Graham, Ecommerce Manager, Eden Mill

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