Ecommerce Guide for SME

I came across this article on, its written by ATG who like ourselves provide ecommerce software. Really quite interesting if you are considering going online or already are online and looking on improving your web presence.

The PDF is only 5 pages, quick to the point and covers some very useful tips to consider when looking at your online presence.

ATG have a large client list and some large brands, however looking at their platform there are a number of improvements that could be carried out to the architecture to make it more SEO friendly. I suppose for many of their sites the search engine friendliness of their cart doesn’t matter so much as they are big brands that don’t require much SEO as the brand really drives the traffic.

The development that went in to Adeo’s RedBack ecommerce software was extensive as we wanted to make this one of the most indexable platforms around the globe and the feedback is good from top UK SEO Companies.

SME-Guide-to ecommerce

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Back office systems provide extensive functionality for content update and business reporting; remote technical support from Adeo has also been quick, reliable and efficient. A great package!

- Janice Kennedy, MD, Highland Chocolatier

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