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shutterstock_131950856Sage 200 Integrations for Improved Efficiency

In a short period of time, many companies with websites that include a retail or financial services aspect have been taking the plunge, integrating Sage 200 software into their accounts and eCommerce systems for improved efficiency. Accountancy and sales processes stand to become more streamlined and straightforward, as the software allows users to take a less hands on approach, as most of the legwork is taken care of automatically with minimal input from a user.

The Benefits of Sage Integration

Simply by having a system that has been automated to run any number of times or labour intensive financial tasks, the overhead costs of running accounts has been cut drastically. The software has the multi-purpose of not only increasing website sales conversion, but also handling accounts, increasing the Return on Investment, target marketing campaigns, controlling costs, optimising profits, and tax auditing. Sage 200 software can automatically perform many tasks such as invoicing, migrating data, emailing purchase orders, importing sales orders, stock transfers, and much more.

Improved Website Utility

The eCommerce aspect of Sage 200 can serve to greatly improve the utility and functionality of websites that include a store front end, as well as stock and financial service back ends. Within minimal inputs from the users, Sage will provide outputs in a fraction of the time that it would take to complete manually, allowing users to become more efficient and direct their efforts elsewhere. There is no risk of data being lost or corrupted while phasing in the Sage software, as there are import functions included in the form of Data Exchange. Data Exchange is handled by the system and reduces the risk of losing misrepresenting data while the IT infrastructure is being upgraded to accommodate Sage, promising a seamless transfer of financial services.

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