Email Marketing & Maximising the conversion

So you have sent out your email with your great offers, the subscriber opens the message, likes the offer and clicks through to the site to make the purchase.

Great the email worked, but what if you could get it to work much better for you.

How do you take the steps to make sure they are a repeat customer?

You have around three opportunities to market to this customer following the transaction.

1. The customer receives an order confirmation. Most customers will open and read this as they are expecting this and want to confirm their order. You could offer a discount code for their next order. Again this is another great opportunity to promote products that compliment their current order.

2. Shipping emails, again the user will open this as they want to know their product has been shipped and again another great opportunity to market products. You may have special offers or you could put a recommend a friend link. What happens here is a customer can enter friends email addresses to receive a discount on their first purchase and you could even offer your original customer a discount code for any friends that make a purchase.

3. Final point is to survey your customers on their experience. Get the interaction with them and find out ways to improve the experience for them and other customers. There are many free survey websites out there so it wouldn’t cost the earth to set up.

Remember a happy customer is a returning customer.

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I would definitely recommend Adeo for a high quality and professional service, and for those looking to really take their website to the next level!

- Conor Graham, Ecommerce Manager, Eden Mill

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