Everything You Need To Know About Ecommerce Content Marketing

Ecommerce Content Marketing in 2019

Ecommerce Content Marketing 

People are able to shop at online stores, at all hours of the day, without any time restriction. It brings the ease of having to stay at home and shop without the hassle of getting ready, going out and shopping.

In the e-commerce world, there are business transactions on the internet, usually obtaining and selling goods. To reach your target audience, a different course of actions can be employed like blogs, websites, social media, SEO, video marketing, online ads etc. These well-planned strategies for content marketing will help expand your e-business store.


Get to know your customer; they are the boss. For this, you can create buyer personas, which are definitions of the kind of customers who would be interested in your product. The more you know about your consumers, the better you can market the brand! You have to make sure you know their expectations from your brand, which would reflect directly in your work. You may tailor your message according to their desires.

You must determine customer groups and then research about them. There may be one group you’ll target or ten! Looking into their gender, age, location, interests, hobbies, job titles etc. is vital.


It’s important to stay aware of your competitor’s strategies and methods that they employ to gather customers. In this way, you analyse their tactics and tools and get to know more about the market. This is called a reverse engineering process. It promotes healthy competition in the market but also lets smaller businesses reach the top by learning from other brands. Looking at their content will help you make a pool of keywords that they have utilised to rank higher.

Keeping an eye on your competitor’s content will help you have a clearer picture of the desired content you want for your brand. Google itself says better content means better ranking!


Calendars usually help to keep up with important dates. But now they’ll also help you keep your e-commerce content marketing strategies on track. After you decide what to do, draft a schedule of when to do. A good calendar will help you move forward by constantly reminding you of stuff including promotions, deals, customer’s queries, social media posts, sales and new products.

Slowly you’ll be ticking off the things you’re done with and looking forward to the schedule that’s coming up!


E-A-T is a theory which helps brands come forward and showcase their quality content. Basically, it represents the idea of expertise, authority and trustworthiness. You must have a good E-A-T score in the relevant industry. Expertise means you have to convince your customers that you have the expertise, competence and knowledge of the business you are promoting.

Secondly, authority refers to the idea that you sell with authority. If you are a third-party seller, you have to possess the authority of selling the product to convince your buyer to trust you, which directs us to our third element. And that is all about building the trust of your customer. Your content should be client-oriented and must cater their queries, to have them trust you.


The power that social media has over us today is undeniable. This can prove to be a catalyst for your business. You form and share content related to your brand with millions of people out there. To drive top-of-funnel traffic is our key mission here.  Instead of inviting your shoppers to your web-shop, take your shop to them. One way is creating a shop on Facebook or Instagram. It gives a storefront to people where you showcase your products or services. Here your content needs to be eye-catching, crisp and precise.

Hence today, social media is the tool that can drive a massive amount of traffic to your store.

it is estimated that about 25% of the world population will be shopping online. And the number is ever-increasing. So you have a great chance of potential customers! Therefore, the content you produce has an immediate impact on your customer.

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