Travel Retail Gin: Here To Stay



The popularity of gin has been rising dramatically in the last five to ten years, and even in the last year alone we’ve seen over 66 million bottles of gin bought in the UK, boosting the sales to a whopping £1.9 billion pounds (that’s a 41% increase in sales compared to the previous year)*.

Whoever used to say that gin was just a mam’s drink is now eating their words, probably washing them down with a mouthful of that zesty juniper spirit – and absolutely loving it.

Of course, the travel retail market has picked up on this huge upswing in the popularity of the drink and has adapted their shelves to reflect the desires of gin-thirsty travellers. We all love a bit of airport shopping (it just feels fancier, right?), but in years past Bombay Sapphire, Gordon’s, Tanqueray and Beefeater were pretty much the only gins available.

Now, we’re seeing seemingly infinite different varieties, flavours and brands of gin, popping up all over the place and dominating the duty-free floors.


With trade forecasters predicting the gin trend to continue to grow exponentially on a global scale, increasing numbers of local distilleries and craft gins are popping up all over the shop (and by shop, we mean world) to take advantage of the craze.

With such a saturated travel retail gin market, it is now essential for gin producers and distilleries (from the big players, right down to the newbies on the scene) to get on top of their digital game: we’re talking gorgeous and easy to navigate websites, curated social media presence, excellent digital marketing, SEO optimisation and video marketing to boot.

Sounds like a lot, we know, but check out Eden Mill: relatively new to the gin market (est. 2012) and making a great name for themselves with some top-notch content and great tasting, quality Scottish Gin.

With help from our digital expert ADEO Groupies, Eden Mill have taken their products and turnover to the next level and aren’t just keeping up with this gin trend taking the world by storm; they are comfortably sitting atop it, using our outstanding digital strategies to match the exceptional quality of their gin.

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*Wine and Spirits Trade Association

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