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FacebookChanges to the Facebook newsfeed have made an impact on businesses that rely on Facebook to market themselves and engage with customers. You would need to be alert to these changes, how they can affect your business, and how they can be handled, to ensure that Facebook continues to help your business thrive.

What has changed on Facebook’s newsfeed?

The newsfeed will be vetted to keep out posts that Facebook feels have too much marketing hype. If the posts are not carrying value in terms of information, are copied from advertisements on Facebook they can be removed from the newsfeed.

Why it will affect small businesses?

Small businesses may not have the budget for running ads on Facebook. They rely solely or primarily on the newsfeed to get their message across. These businesses might see a drop in number of people getting access to the posts.

How to handle the changes on Facebook?

If you have been relying on overtly promotional messages, it is time to re-evaluate your approach. The first step would be to share posts that are rich in information, create reader interest, and can be shared and discussed. Some more ideas to manage Facebook strategy for the coming year are discussed below.

1. Use multiple social networks to get the message across. If you are posting pictures and videos on sites such as YouTube or Instagram you can post the links to your Facebook page to generate user interest, make posts accessible to larger audiences, and create authenticity.

2. Create interesting and unique content around trending topics. Why is it important? This helps generate more interest among readers, and also helps promote your business in a positive light, instead of running the risk of being labelled spam.

3. Manage your social media posts so that you can find them quickly when needed. You might need to edit posts to add more information, or revise the data. Facebook offers many tools to help keep your posts better structured.

4. Keep audiences informed – besides new product launches and information on how to order products, audiences want to know how your business works, what principles you follow, and so on.

Keep audiences interested by posting interesting bits of information, such as social causes you might be promoting, charities supported, and work environment.

5. Encourage feedback. Likes, Shares, Comments are one way to receive feedback. Encourage feedback by responding to the comments.

Social media marketing is not rocket science. The proposed changes to newsfeed might be an opportunity for your business to propel to greater heights, by offering value added content and better engagement with audiences.

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