Flowers Buy Delivery

Flowers Buy DeliveryA recent example of premium quality responsive web design can be seen in the case study of Flowers buy Delivery. This high profile and well established client is one of the first family owned flower and gift shops in the UK. We have been tasked to re-design existing Flowers buy Delivery website to create fresher and more vibrant look and feel.

Optimising visitor experience through responsive web design

Redesigning the Flowers buy Delivery website using state of the art web design techniques greatly enhanced the experience of visitors to this web site. The site is much more user friendly and easy to navigate, with navigational controls that were easy to locate and striking calls to action. The current website layout is responsive and thus much more customer friendly. Additional features, for instance the integration of an address book section on the delivery page, further improved the visitor’s experience of this site. A clear and engaging brands page was crucial to making the marketing side of the site the best it could be. The responsive design enabled a more streamlined, stress free user experience.

Optimising conversion rate through responsive design
Making the design of this Flowers by Delivery website responsive, perhaps most importantly, enhanced the rate at which visitors to the website became paying customers of the business. This is also known as a website’s conversion rate. A website may have a high traffic of people visiting the site, however few of them may actually buy anything from the site: this would be a low conversion rate. Our redesign of the Flowers buy Delivery website, however, helped to optimise the conversion rate with a few tricks for making the buying and checkout processes more responsive. Integrating Paypal with the site, for example, was a major move that provided customers with a secure, quick and simple way to make a purchase. Also integrated was SagePay, with the additional of a mobile friendly template to also turn mobile users into potential customers. A single checkout page with the option for customers to pay in several currencies made the Flowers buy Delivery website much more convenient to use and buy from, and also helped to increase this brand’s customer base internationally.

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