It’s 2019, where’s your Social Media Strategy?

Really? It’s time to get your game plan together!

Whilst a website establishes that your brand exists, a social media page establishes that your brand is active!

Digital advertising is expected to surpass television ads for the first time this year. In the UK alone, the spend on internet ads in 2016 was £10.3 BILLION and marked the fastest growth rate for the industry in nine years. With a seemingly ever rising figure, how are you getting in on the action?


With a strong social media strategy in place you can:

  1. Legitimize your brand

  2. Increase brand awareness

  3. Improve customer service

  4. Increase sales (the big one)


Social media gives you immediate access to an audience that is growing every day. By listening to the conversations happening about your brand in real time, you can gather extensive customer data to help make smart business decisions.

Got social but don’t really GET social?

If you don’t know where to start, that’s where we can step in. From designing content planners to advertisement strategies, your platforms are in safe hands. We can help you establish your goals, your image and your voice on social media. Turn your social pages into sociable selling pages!

Whatever the project, whatever the size, we’d love to help bring your idea to reality. Give our social media marketing team a shout, they’re really friendly (they actually are, we weren’t bribed by donuts to say that, swear!).

Work With Us.

The whole team at Adeo have been an absolute pleasure to work with. This is a heartfelt truism and not just words.

- Polly Smith, Director, Motogoloco

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