IAd, Ipad and Iphone – new competition to Google Ads?

Apple has launched the new IAd platform to compete directly with Google for advertising revenue.

The launch of the forthcoming 4.0 operating system for the Apple Iphone and Ipad could prove very interesting with the introduction of IAd.

How do we see this effecting Google, can it have any sort of major impact to the search giant.

This could open a whole host of new ways to advertise products and websites and helps many application developers who make their living from the iPhone and iPad, providing them with a new revenue stream.

At the moment most people search via their desktop, laptops etc, but the smartphone market and mobile search is ever increasing and with the advancements in technology this is going to increase with people’s busy lives and the amount of time spent travelling around the place and less in the home.

Mobile search and advertising is definitely one to keep our eye on.

Apple also revealed stronger-than-expected demand for the iPad tablet computer, with 450,000 units sold since its US release on Saturday, April 3.

The figures have impressed analysts, many of whom expect five million units to be sold by the year’s end.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said: “We’re making them as fast as we can.

“Our ramp is going well, but evidently we can’t quite make enough of them yet so we’re going to have to try harder.”

We are all eager for its UK release and keen to see what impact this has on the market.

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