Google Search with Website Preview

So it’s always important to have a well designed website with the key being to convert visitors to buyers, but up until now when a user did a search on Google they didn’t know exactly what the site looked like until clicking on the link and going to the site.

Well that was up until now…. With Google’s ever changing adaptations to make our searches more accurate and quicker to find exactly what we are looking for and find a site that we like and are confident to browse on, this new supplement that allows you to preview pages before clicking is a welcome addition in my opinion.

It used to be your sites listing position, title and page description that pulled the users to make that all important click to your website, but it is becoming ever more apparent that well designed pages will have a huge impact in conversion of click through in browsers Google search.

Even more interesting is the fact that when lower level pages within your site are displayed in search results and they have a preview of the page this could really convert more click through as the pages will have a higher relevance on the search term.

What needs to be measured more is how often these site previews are updated, can we force an update or is it when the page is next crawled. Ill keep you all posted on further findings.

google website preview search

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