Google Twitter Partnership and Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Twitter GoogleThe newly announced partnership between Google and Twitter will see social media marketing come of age as Google will now include real time Tweets in their search results pages. The partnership will replicate the real time placement of tweets on Bing searches that already takes place – the major difference being that Google is the world’s top search engine.

From a marketing perspective, the new deal will see business’s tweets, including those sent out as part of a marketing campaign, subject to those all-important Google algorithms. This could lead to more time being spent developing effective social media strategies that will use high quality content and keywords.

Twitter Has Become a Major Source of Information

This is not the first deal that Google and Twitter have made together. They previously formed a partnership from 2009-2011 which led to the introduction of Google’s Realtime Search. It was suspected that this partnership had been terminated when the Realtime Search suddenly disappeared. Twitter’s then COO released a statement saying the company wanted to “keep Twitter’s content proprietary to users.”

Google announced this month that have begun conducting small experiments which sees Tweets being integrated into search results. Some users reported seeing the altered search results on their smartphone for searches including #maythe4thbewithyou.

Why Would Google Want to Partner With Twitter?

Google’s main aim is to provide users with information, and preferably timely information. Twitter has become the social media site to provide users with up to date information so it makes sense for Google to want to crawl this timely information and provide users with the best results for their search.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Digital marketing will now see experts from different areas of a marketing team working together to create tweets that will include keywords to place high on the Google search rankings. As with all SEO content the problem for marketing professionals will be treading the fine line between effective SEO marketing and adding too many keywords that fall foul to the algorithms.

The effective use of Twitter as a marketing tool will see companies with a strong partnership between social media and SEO thrive as the content can be used by both to form a smooth, effective campaign. Twitter will also become a more user friendly interface that offers a greater real time and effective experience.

Finally, reputation will become all important as negative tweets will also appear and how these are handled with speed will shape how a company is viewed by the general public.

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