Google’s Doorway Algorithm Clean-up

Website DesignJust one week into April and rumours about Google’s upcoming algorithm updates are flying at us thick and fast. According to insiders, the 21st of April will see two major changes which are meant to enhance user experience and push website owners to get with the program. Are we all falling victim to the rumour mill or is this something worth worrying about? With all of the updates Google has been making to Google Play, SERPS and apps recently, we can probably all rest assured that significant change is on the horizon.

When new Google’s algorithms will commence?

From April 21 onwards, Google will officially be counting mobile-friendliness as a part of its ranking algorithm. What does this mean for website owners? Essentially, if your web property is not user friendly across a variety of platforms you will find your rank dropping by a fair few notches. With so many SmartPhone users out there, it is rapidly becoming necessary to design responsive websites that are guaranteed to work both on desktop PCs and mobile phones.

Google is also preparing to tidy up those unsightly doorway pages that are running rampant on the web. Gone are the days where one could have multiple pages or domain names to direct people from specific locations to one’s page. It will no longer be possible to keyword stuff particular pages in order to draw in traffic to the one or two usable pages of a single site. When internet users search for a particular keyword or phrase, they will no longer face a frustrating string of results that point to one site. Quality SEO content and simple navigation will officially become the order of the day.

While there is no confirmation of this fact, there is the possibility that Google will also be launching a new crawler to go along with its updated algorithms. The hope is that this will make single-page web applications and Android applications more easily crawlable. This should improve usability across the board, making website and app browsing more efficient. This should also prevent slow loading times as there will be no useless content clogging up pages across the globe.

How can Adeo Group agency help you?

If your website is not mobile friendly yet and you like to improve your rankings on Google and other search engines contact Adeo Group team in Glasgow, Newcastle or London. We have a wealth of experience in mobile and responsive website design, ecommerce, mobile commerce, web development and design. Our team can quickly build a website or redesign the existing one.

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