Googling More Popular on Mobile than Personal Computers

Google 2For the first time ever more search requests in the US and many other parts of the world are carried out on mobile devices than on personal computers. The influential announcement was made at a recent digital conference on May 5, 2015 indicating how the world’s most powerful search engine, Google, has hit an important turning point in the shift to smartphones.

What Has Caused The Change In Search Behaviour?

The change in the marketplace is widely attributed to the release of the iPhone by Apple in 2007. In the eight intervening years, there have been a wave of mobile devices released to the market making them a “necessary” commodity for many people who want to access the Internet on the go and use mobile responsive websites to make purchases and conduct search queries.

The change in the technology landscape has rocked PC makers such as Microsoft who rely on the sales of laptop and desktop computers but has paved a clear path for mobile and smart device creators such as Samsung and Apple.

What Does The Increase In Mobile Searches Mean For Your Business?

Google processes more than 100 billion search requests every month. Their forward-looking focus has allowed them to adapt to the changing marketplace better than a lot of other companies.

Google have introduced new advertising formats that tend to work better on mobile devices and have since seen mobile ad prices increase. This trend set to continue as businesses realise the value of connecting with prospective buyers at the precise moment they are searching on the go.

To further solidify the importance of mobile searching Google overhauled its search algorithms early this year (21 April) in an update dubbed “Mobilegeddon.” Its focus was to boost websites that are mobile responsive; easier to read and load quicker on smartphones.

How Can You Take Advantage of The Mobile Transition?

The shift in consumer behaviour opens your business to a range of new marketing and ecommerce opportunities.

By making your website mobile responsive it has been proven that you can improve your user’s experience and increase the average time spent on your site. Furthermore a mobile responsive website can improve your mobile SEO and give you a competitive advantage over your competition.

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