Here Is What You Need To Know About The Google May Update 2020

Google has introduced a major update on May 4th, which has put the whole digital industry in a spot. Amid COVID 19 crisis, the digital experts are constantly trying to get the hang of this whole update ever since it rolled out. This update is eccentric and big in its own ways as Google says it will take some time to settle contrary to regular updates which settle quickly and instantly. There are certain digital areas that are more concerned and might be affected more like multiple languages, health websites, worldwide introduction, local searches and more. The update is changing hour to hour and day to day which makes it even more exciting yet uncertain. Here are some of the technicalities we have picked up from the update;

1. Local Search Volatility:

As this update is still rolling out globally in different data centres across the world, some of the digital analysts have shown their concern over local search engines being affected by it the most. Fluctuations in local type search results have been evident since April 2020.

2. Negative feedback mechanism to counter COVID 19:

Marketers believe that this May 2020 core update is a new mechanism introduced by Google to counter uncertain situations such as COVID 19 in the upcoming times. Search patterns have certainly changed due to COVID. This update might intends to make Google’s algorithm more sensitive to crisis situations to benefit the business and brands equally all across the world.

3. Global Rollout of The Update:

SERPs all across the world are being affected by this Google’s update. Countries from US to Australia to Japan have reported volatility. Thin content is being lost due to this update though evidence is still weak for this.

4. Update Targets:

 This is not the first time that Google has come up with a broad spectrum core update, but it is most certainly a very odd time for one at the moment. Such updates don’t specifically target any particular industries, rather the industries get affected involuntarily. These updates are usually done to cater to the changes search patterns, user demands and knowing webpages more and how these web pages related to the changed search intents. In return, Google rewards the most relevant websites by improving their rankings on the search engine results. Google updates majorly work on the basis of relevance, authority and trustworthiness of the web pages with the changed search intents. 

5. Will this update function differently?

Most probably, the May 2020 Google core update will not function differently than any other Goggle major updates. These updates do not rank websites just on the base of quality, rather relevance and beneficence to the user and its search intent is what you should be looking forward to.

It is always the best practice to not be jumpy being an owner of a business online and let these updates settle on their own for a while before you make changes to your marketing and SEO strategies. Adeo Group, is a digital agency, with a streak of successful SEO and marketing projects for online businesses across Glasgow, London UK.  Our experts not only believe in offering the best-suited services in these testing times but also keeping up the quality of multiple digital services like PPC management, SEO Glasgow Services, content marketing, social media marketing, Google ads and more. You can reach out to us for consultation for your business today.

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