How SEO Can Keep Your Business Up and Running Amidst COVID 19

How SEO Can Keep Your Business Up and Running During COVID 19

How SEO Can Keep Your Business Up and Running During COVID 19

COVID 19 has totally changed the canvas of the whole world with economies toppling over and completely hitting rock bottom. Where physical access to businesses seems to be completely under a worldwide lockdown, online facility is a life saviour.

In these crucial times, search engine optimization provides a great opportunity for businesses to keep thriving online. The whole user presence and interaction on the internet has changed as the behaviours of the user is highly under COVID 19 influence.

With good SEO strategies, you can harness these turmoil times and convert them into an opportunity to grow your business online. Here is how building a strong SEO strategy can help your business;

  1. Organic Search Becoming a Priority For Consumers:

With over 47% of consumers in US voting for online shopping preference than visiting malls or markets has changed the whole retail dynamics since the past 2 months. With Google Ads and PPC campaigns facing slight decline, SEO maintains a peak. With trends like these, it is the prime time for SEO specialists and content creators to build their brand image and work on strengthening the long term vision. It will not only allow you to create a bond with your consumers online but provides all the room for experimentation and giving creativity a more solid chance.

  1. Amid COVID 19; SEO is a Smart Investment:

SEO is easily the most effective and efficient investment for your business in these testing times. It produces more results in fewer resources and less time. Some effective tips that can allow you to strengthen your SEO strategies;

Tip #1: Generate Trustworthy Content:

COVID 19 has drastically changed consumer behaviour towards how they trust companies and businesses regarding fulfilling their requirements. To reboot and maintain this trust is the most crucial key right now. According to market surveyors and researchers, comfort and reassurance are what most of the consumers are looking for online. Brands affiliating their image with positivity, hope and assurity certainly stand a better chance of conversions than businesses simply pushing people to buy stuff through fanatic sales hysteria. Right now trustworthy and comforting content is the best way to link up with your consumers.


Tip#2: Web Presence is Everything These Days:

Amidst COVID 19; maintaining a healthy and interactive web presence is literally crucial to stay up on the block. With everyone being online, having a good online presence can seal the deal for your business. Under Google’s Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (EAT), this stands true for today’s time more than ever before. For your consumer to be clicking on those SERPs, you need to generate assertive and trustworthy content. Things that your target population can directly relate to. Here are a few things you can do to manage your web presence online;

  • Updated Schema: Ensure the updated and right information is being displayed about your business by Google all the time. Keep your website updated with any latest info/news/announcements all the time.
  • Google My Business Page Updating: Update your working mode and hours on your website.
  • Keep A Strict Eye on Your Organic Traffic: Make full use of Google Search Console to keep a look at the behaviour, user pattern and demands of your target audience.
  • Update Your Target Audience Monitoring: Always stay ahead of the digital game by tracking the COVID 19 related content and how it related with your business, content trends, updates and social data.

Tip #3: Pre-Prep For Your Future Campaigns:

Having time at your hand and the market being generally slow, you can potentially utilize this time to smartly and carefully curate your upcoming campaigns, audit them and be prepared beforehand. Be heavily sensitized with your consumer sentiments and realign your pre-prepared content with empathy. You certainly do not want to call a backlash for your brand by being apathetic.

Tip# 4: Make Strict Security Checks:

With the whole world being online, it comes without any scrutiny.  Hackers and cybercriminals are on the loose and have been hijacking businesses online. You need to ensure that your business security is top-notch. Apply SSO, keep updating plugins, use SSL to secure your website, monitor for crawl errors to keep your website secure and running fine.

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