How to boost your Valentine’s sales online?

Valentine's Day How to increase your eCommerce sales on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a big deal for any eCommerce enterprise. The weeks and days leading up to the most romantic of marketing opportunities must be strategic in deciding how you are going to reach as many customers as you can. This decision must not be taken lightly. How are you going to catch the distracted eye of today’s busy online user looking for inspiration for Valentine’s Day gifts?

How to attract more customers for Valentine’s Day?

In the world of eCommerce the motto is: great presence and user friendly experience. The secret is to maximise every opportunity to attract new custom and to wow existing customers with great, original ideas that make them curious to find out more about your business, about your ethos, and about what you can offer that is different, unique or better than the million other websites out there. On an occasion like Valentine’s Day, it pays off to be a little more creative to avoid going down the well-trodden cheesy route taken by many businesses. You want customers to click on a link to your website and, once there, to genuinely want to give your items or services as a gift to their significant others.

What are the shortcuts to Valentine’s success?

Web users are going to be scouring the internet for creative gift ideas for their partners on Valentine’s Day. They will want to find online content that sounds exciting, not trite. Wording is all important – almost as important as doing Valentine’s only deals. The latter are always popular, as people love the feeling that they bagged a great deal as well as purchasing a romantic gift for the special person in their life. It also pays off to advertise on dating websites in the run up to the big day.

Is your website mobile responsive?

In an increasingly busy world, a successful e-commerce website thrives on the portability of devices. As we are always connected to the web, it is a necessity to develop your site to be as mobile as possible. Creating a mobile e-commerce site that is well presented and easy to browse on a tablet or iPhone is going to generate rewards. You need to make sure that stock can be easily visualised and that the check-out process is secure and straightforward. Finally, have you considered uploading a link on popular apps?

We wish you a romantic and commercially successful Valentine’s Day from all of us at Adeo Group!

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